Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v Fulham Sat 22 Nov

Posted by Texas Reds Fan on November 21, 2008, 12:05:01 AM

Liverpool v Fulham

Anfield, 22 November, 3:00 kickoff

Fulham Honours

Football League First Division 1 - 2001
Football League Third Division 2 - 1949, 1999
Football League Fourth Division 1 - 1932
Southern League First Division 2 - 1905-06, 1906-07
Southern League Second Division 2 - 1902, 1903

FA Cup
Runners Up - 1975
Semi Finals - 1908, 1936, 1958, 1962, 2002

League Cup
Quarter Finals - 1968, 1971, 2000, 2001, 2005

Anglo-Scottish Cup
Runners Up - 1975

Intertoto Cup
Winners - 2002

West London Cup - 1886
West London Observer Cup - 1891
London Challenge Cup - 1910

Fulham visit Anfield this Saturday with hopes of leaving with at least a point--a feat they nearly accomplished last November in the corresponding fixture with mostly a fine defensive display. Only a late goal by substitute Fernando Torres and a converted Steven Gerrard penalty kick rescued the three points for Liverpool then. It remains to be seen if either of that day's goalscorers will feature prominently, as injuries to each have occurred on a regular basis thus far.

Fulham have started the season with good defensive form and consistency at home, highlighted by a victory against Arsenal in September. Their travels have been a truly different story, as they've only claimed one point from fifteen away from Craven Cottage. Despite this, only Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United have conceded fewer goals, and so Fulham currently sit at tenth in the table.

Liverpool, meanwhile, have had an excellent start to the season and sit second in the table, level with Chelsea on points and behind only in goal differential. Early season draws with Aston Villa (away) and Stoke (home) have threatened to nullify wins against bitter rivals Manchester United and Chelsea. On Saturday, Liverpool have an excellent opportunity to pick up points against mid-table opposition. To keep pace with Chelsea, and ahead of others, no less than three will do.

Thanks to all who replied at Fulham's message boards.


What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Whiteisthecolour: Been good at home, horrendous away. (Beat Arsenal, Spurs at home, lost to WBA, Hull away) But overall its been good and I am happy with our results.
super_fulham_fc: dissapointed that we have lost a few games by narrow margins (everton and west brom), could have won both and been level with arsenal. happy nontheless.
The Rock: Glad we have a decent side so far and aren't in the bottom three. I think as a whole teams are better this year than ever before in the history of the Prem - there is talent on every team and anyone from about 12 teams could go down.
JBH: Vast improvement all over the park especially at the back
Karlheinzriedle: Decent home form undermined by awayday blues
Putney White: I think we've been nothing short of excellent at home. We're a hard team to beat down at the Cottage, but we're a completely different team away from the Cottage.
slappy6: we do well at home and again struggle on the road. quite pleased we've not the sieve at the back we were
What are your expectations for this season under Roy Hodgson, compared to last?

Whiteisthecolour: This season my expectations after seeing our current results it to of course stay out of relegation trouble, but with January signings I hope to challenge teams like Pompey for an intertoto cup place, I believe we have the talent to be a very good team, and if we had as good results away than at home, I'm confident we would be close to a UEFA cup place, unfortunately we all know Fulham has never been an away team, so my hope is to finish 12-10th. Last season's expectations of RH was just to stay up in the Premier League.
super_fulham_fc : safety well before the last day of the season, possibly a top ten finish if we can win some away.
The Rock: I think Roy's expectations are realistic - survival is paramount. Last year at this time Lawrie Sanchez was aiming for Top 10, and we aren't the biggest club and haven't spent a fortune on players. Mid table mediocrity would be fine.
Karlheinzriedle: Mid-table mediocrity, as opposed to a full-blown Sanchez nightmare. Or business as usual
Putney White: I think we're aiming for a top-half finish. Last year, we obviously wanted him to keep us up - which he accomplished.

To add to what must have been an overwhelming end to last season, Fulham narrowly missed a UEFA Cup spot. Would participating in that competition have had any effect on your league campaign thus far?

Whiteisthecolour: I think participating in the UEFA cup spot would of had a negative effect on our league campaign and would of proven to be a distraction, we might of gotten past the first round but ultimately do not have the talent to beat other teams in the UEFA cup, although the extra money would of been nice..
super_fulham_fc : unless we had made the squad was bigger than it is now, i doubt we would have qualified for the group stage and may have affected league form. would have been a dissapointment like our carling cup performance
The Rock: We have a decent squad, but survival is first and foremost. Would have been the icing on the cake, but not sure we'd have the depth, and if anything it could have served as a distraction to our league campaign. Similar to they way Megson was trying to put together teams for Europe and keep Bolton out of the bottom three last year. I think the team has begun to settle, and that we'd be more prepared next year if we can finish solid mid table.
JBH: Possibly would have given us a problem with the current squad, but Roy may have had more money to spend if we had qualified.
Karlheinzriedle: We've got a thin squad aloready thanks to hatchet man Roy. I'm glad we're not in it or we'd have retained Pearce as desperate striking option
Putney White: I think it would have made our players tired. Our players are already dreadful away from home, so I don't think it would have helped our situation. However, in terms of the fans and money for the Club, I really think it would have been great.
slappy6: glad we didnt as i fear many of our reg 11 would be worn out to death. roy isnt keen on change

How would it have played out, considering your away record so far this season?

Whiteisthecolour: Horrible in terms of playing teams that are out in Eastern Europe, would of also been demoralising for the team.
The Rock: We don't win trophy's, and lose early on in the Cups, I don't think we'd be terribly bothered. How is Man Manchester City doing?
Karlheinzriedle: Got to the first round, then faded
Putney White: At home, great. Away, dreadful. The thought of winning away in another country and not in England is comical.
slappy6: it woulda been a mare. we never woulda got out of the qualifying stages

Speaking of your away form, is there anything you'd have done differently as manager to this point?

Whiteisthecolour: Put a more aggresive side out there, perhaps a 4-3-3 with Dempsey, AJ, and Zamora up top, and Murphy, Bullard and Davies in the middle.
super_fulham_fc : making substiutions early enough to have an effect on the game
The Rock: Use subs more efficiently, but Hodgson has sorted some of that out.
Karlheinzriedle: Not let Chris Baird near a white shirt of any description, let alone the subs bench, brought Nevland on earlier and generally pushed more to grab the first goal
Putney White: I think that Hodgson should be playing 4-5-1 and getting on the counter. We seem to be playing 4-4-2 and playing at a slow pace. We play 4-4-2 at home, but play at a frantic pace which most teams can't deal with. I think if we upped the pace away from home, teams would underestimate us. I reckon a lot of teams look forward to Fulham at home and I think we've got to change that.
slappy6: roy is quality but some of his subs or lack thereof have been bizzare. he is a very loyal gafferbut sometimes it is a double edged sword

Which departing player's absence has been noted the most, if any?

Whiteisthecolour: I would say Smertin, because I'm sure we could of used him during away games on a couple of occasions, but that's about it.
super_fulham_fc : Mcbride, quality even in his mid thirties. every fan loved him. hopefully we wont miss him if zamora and aj can form a solid partnership.
The Rock: Brian McBride is the only one. Such a great professional and player. I liked Paul Stalteri, but we have better players - player for player, this year all around, except Zamora is no McBride - though he is really coming along nicely.
JBH: Brian McBride, with his heading ability we would have had at least 4 more goals
Karlheinzriedle: McBride - a true gentleman and unbreakable man,and best header of the ball since Vieri
Putney White: Brian McBride has been a huge loss for us. He gave 110% for us EVERY game and he scored some vital goals in his time with Fulham. He's gone to America and a lot of people on this messageboard keep up with his progress.
slappy6: capn mac..... brian mc bride. take extreme pride in being a yank knowing what he did for us.

What about your new signings? How have they fared so far?

Whiteisthecolour: They've all been great. Zamora has the winner against Bolton, and is great at holding up the ball, and AJ has started scoring goals for us and has tremendous pace. Gera's been all right, he's hit the post soo many times and has lost the ball many times. Dempsey started instead of Gera last time. We haven't seen Gray, and the bit we saw of Andranik was terrible (pre-season was well good though). Schwarzer is a quality keeper who really commands his box, and I am not afraid during corners anymore of having a keeper that won't come out.
super_fulham_fc : gera - looked ok, if his end product had been better on occasion it could have changed a few tight defeats (everton and wba). zamora - not enough chances dropping to his feet like johnson has had. works hard, but will get judged on goals a bit like kuyt. johnson has been good, will get an england call if he keeps on scoring. pantsil - wasnt sure about him but really like him now, definate fans favourite as he is so passionate. schwarzer has been very solid, getting on a bit but at least were not in tottenhams position.
The Rock: AJ and Zamora are starting to come into their own. Gera had a decent start, but has missed a few sitters and lost his form a bit as of late. Pantsil is better than I thought he'd be and the fans like him. Swartzer is solid. A few others we still have yet to see but suspect there is some quality waiting in the wings. Most importantly, I think all the players we have brought in play 110% and have something to prove, and that is a good thing.
JBH: AJ good, Zamora Fairly Good, Gera, ok just needs to get his shooting boots back on.
Karlheinzriedle: Johnson is the best finisher in the Premiership, although he cannot make a goal himself or use his head, Zamora is underrated, Paintsil is ifuriating in the last 20 as he insists on lumping the ball upfield
Putney White: We've had some great signings. Schwarzer's been brilliant, Pantsil has been superb, as are AJ and Zamora. We've signed Zoltan Gera and he's not really meeting our expectations... I thought he was a great player at WBA and maybe he's not been suited to Hodgson putting him on the left.
slappy6: pleased with all of them really. you'll hear many compain about gera....... the man is just snakebit right now, he'll come through in the end. painstil has been solid and extremely pleased with the pairing of zamora and a johson. bobby z dont have much to show for it but he's worked his tail off

Your best and worst players this season?

Whiteisthecolour: Hangeland, an absolute beast of a CB, as you will see this Saturday, he is a major part of the reason we have the 4th best defense in the league, I would be gutted if we sold him in January, he also is a threat during corners as he is very tall, he may not have much pace, but he has made very important stops, and been a crucial part to our success. Worst would be: Gera (out of the starting XI) but he hasn't been that bad, he'd be the league's top scorer if he didn't hit the bar so many times, but he's lost the ball a lot of times. Defensively he's great, offensively, it's been lacking, but I'm confident he'll get better.
super_fulham_fc : best for me would be hangeland, think we have joint 4th best defence in league. cant pick a worst yet and hopefully wont have to.
The Rock: AJ, and the defence is really solid. The midfield has had a few mediocre performances, but when Jimmy and Danny Murphy (ex L'pool of course) are on their game we are almost unbeatable.
JBH: Best Brede Hangerland, he is a Rock in defence, worst, no one in particular has been poor.
Karlheinzriedle: Hard to pick a "worst", although I loathe Seol's laziness and Chris Baird in general
Putney White: Schwarzer's our best, hate to say it, but Gera's out worst.
slappy6: without a doubt brede hangerland. he's been an absolute rock for us at the back. concerned about the incosistency of danny muprhy and bully. both of them have become jekyll and hide. love them fiercely but a true concern

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

Whiteisthecolour: Well we have a 15 yo Dominic Vose that apparently Manchester United are chasing. We have Omusuzi who is a great CB on loan to Norwhich (I think?) we have Keanu-Marsh Brown (A U-18 Englander) defender who is apparently good, maybe more, I'm not the expert on this subject.
super_fulham_fc : you and the rest of the top four will buy them if they are any good so im not telling
The Rock: Some 16 year old kid that Man Utd and Arsenal are fighting over. Watts, Brown, are decent but not ready read. Stockdale
JBH: Wayne Brown, Hoesen and Omosuzi (on loan at Norwich) Leiger

Are there any notable chants that will be heard at Anfield on Saturday? Any that require an explanation?

Whiteisthecolour: Jim Bullard Bullard, He's Better Than Steven Gerrard, He's Thinner Than Frank Lampard, Jim Bullard Bullard. A load of we hate Chelsea chants, and many ones praising Fulham, Hangeland chants, maybe Andy Johnson chants and none that really require a specific explanation.
super_fulham_fc : there's one for seol but he wont be there. one about jimmy being better than stevie but he will show you that himself
The Rock: My favourite as of late, and they sang it at Pompey and one or two other times this season was the "Great Escape" theme which was popular for obvious reason last year. Love that one. If there's a chacne and it's not looking good for us, you never know...
Karlheinzriedle: The Jim Bullard one. That's it, we'e pretty unimaginative
Putney White: The Jim Bullard one will DEFINITELY be sung.

Where do you expect Fulham and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

Whiteisthecolour: Fulham: 11th /////// Liverpool: 2nd.
super_fulham_fc : fulham 8th - 12th, liverpool 2nd behind chelsea
The Rock: Fulham 11th - 15th. L'pool 2nd - though I have a lot of L'pool mates and would rather see you beat the scum, though it might not happen. Chelsea are quite good.
Karlheinzriedle: 13th and 3rd
Putney White: Fulham to finish about 10th, Liverpool to win the League.

Your three for relegation?

Whiteisthecolour: Bolton, WBA, Stoke.
super_fulham_fc : stoke, blackburn, west brom
The Rock: WBA, Stroke, West Ham. But it could be any one of 12 teams, and would love to see Spurs go down.
JBH: WBA, Bolton, Newcastle
Karlheinzriedle: Bolton - Stoke - Blacburn
Putney White: Wigan, Bolton, WBA.

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

Whiteisthecolour: 4-4-2
super_fulham_fc : possibly 5 in midfield, maybe johnson dropping to the wing and long balls played to zamora
Putney White: Look at our lineup against Spurs - it'll be that.
slappy6: the usual suspects with exception being dempsey to start for gera. wouldnt shock me if aj moved to a winger and we were 5 at the mid with zamora as our only striker

How will the match play out Saturday?

Whiteisthecolour: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool. AJ scores at the 20th minute, and Liverpool pressure for the remaining 80, Fulham manage to hang on, first away win of the season.. Reason why: We beat Spurs, who've beaten Liverpool twice, so why should we not beat Liverpool? Fulham are high on confidence, and I have a feeling that the players really want an away win more than anything, our allocation of 1,800 will be sold, and I think we'll surprise people.
super_fulham_fc : hopefully a shock win, probably followed by a brick through the coach window
The Rock: 2 - 0 or 2 - 1 to L'pool. Kuyt and Torres, but If Torres is still not back to full fitness, then 1 - 0 or 1 - 1. I can't imagein we'll get anything to be honest. Good luck after this weekend of course!
JBH: Close game won by either side odd goal of 3
Karlheinzriedle: A mauling
Putney White: Don't want to say.
slappy6: we have defo been fortunate this year. think we are as a team due for a mare and think this is it. torres, keane ,alonso and kuyt to score as a late replacement. gera will ocme on late and score a consolation goal.

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