Spyin' Kop: Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Sat 1st Nov

Posted by DaveCharlie on October 29, 2008, 11:54:43 PM

Saturday 1st Nov, 2008 - 17:30 - Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool



I dropped in at "Tottenham Hotspur Unofficial Supporters Site Forum" http://www.tottenhamhotspurs.tv/forum/players-lounge/3909-view-white-hart-lane-saturday-1st-nov-tottenham-hotspurs-v-liverpool.html#post43282 to have a chat with the lads there about their expectations for a season only now starting to look somewhat brighter, and to discuss a match which sees their team sitting at the bottom of the table after 10 games, facing up against the league leaders... (By way of some context, some of these responses were provided prior to the 4-4 draw with Arsenal)

What are your expectations for change under the direction of Redknapp? What changes, if any, do you expect in January?
ChrisF   The "Arthur Daley" of English football will be wheeling and dealing "Spurs " out of the relegation zone. More direct attacking football would be nice..... Lots of players coming in on loan and a few big names to be seeking game time somewhere else.
funster   First and foremost, results. Second, players playing their preferred positions. Third, sensible formations. Fourth, a bit of passion from the players again. Changes in January? Striker and defensive midfielder to come in. Possibly a few to go out, although our squad isn't that big these days. I also expect the mood of doom and gloom around the Lane to have lifted by Christmas.
Old Yid   World domination. 2/3 new players.
Spurs4life2008   Sorting out the squad first off, getting a few wins behind us and start climbing up the table. January? Buy aleast one striker.
RiverWire   Getting the bunch of individuals to work as a unit for a change and of course to storm the league and finish 2nd *cough* forget the second part, must be the beer from last night talking.
King 'Arry   Instill some passion back in the players, get some points on the board so by Jan we are 10th-16th then go and buy a few players.
LukeModric2010   Players being played in the right positions, way more passion, most importantly points

What are your expectations for this season? How significantly have they changed from day one?
ChrisF   Mid Table would be nice. I was looking at top six...maybe pressing just outside top four.
funster   Fourth from bottom would be fine! There is no way we're going to move high enough up the League quickly enough to warrant a challenge for European football that way. I think its too big an ask. But if Harry were to pull that one off, man..... Maybe we can string a decent run together in a Cup or two? Changes since start of season? Well, I had hoped for European qualification through the League. Right now, I'd settle for Premier League status with European qualification through any means being a bonus.
Old Yid   A joyful mid table mediocrity would be lovely. I was expecting 6th to 8th before the season started.
Spurs4life2008   Mid-table is all we can expect if we're lucky. Was expecting us to start pushing the top 4 again, maybe 5th/6th
RiverWire   From being touted as top 4 material after a disgusting start i would be extremely happy to be in UEFA cup next season, of course that would mean a serious clime in the league or a cup win of some kind, asking alot ? hmmm
King 'Arry   Mid-table is all we can expect if we're lucky. Was expecting us to start pushing the top 4 again, maybe 5th/6th.
LukeModric2010   begging of year i was saying 5th, but now im happy if we can get mid-table and top half

Who do you think is your most important player(s)?
ChrisF   Anyone who can score goals.........selling both Berbatov and Keane wasn't a great idea...although the money was good. So I'd have to say Roman Pavlyuchenko.
funster   Ledley King
Old Yid   King & Modric
Spurs4life2008   King, Modric & Woodgate
RiverWire   King, when he plays there is a noticeable difference in the squad, no one else really has that impression this season
King 'Arry   King, Modric.
LukeModric2010   1) King 2) pav

Your worst player(s)?
ChrisF     Hard to go past Darren Bent lots of money for very little return.
funster   Bentley - has been rubbish so far. Imagine his performances will improve significantly from here on. Jenas - although committed, he only displays that commitment once every ten games. BAE - until Sunday, he was absolutely shocking. Plenty of mediocre players in the squad..... Rocha being a prime example.
Old Yid   At the moment KP Boateng
Spurs4life2008   would've said Bentley before the Bolton game, but now i'm not so sure. Dont think i could pick a worst player.
RiverWire   How many can i list ? , im not a fan of zokora im affriad thats just me, there are alot of fans that like him.
King 'Arry   We have a fair few to be fair.
LukeModric2010   hm id say either BAE or Boaeting.

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?
ChrisF   There is a young Irishman called David Hutton....looks pretty good....already capped at 15-16-18 and under 19 level...came through the academy and now regular in the reserves......
funster   Adel Taarabt? You've probably heard about him and opinion on here is very mixed. Plenty think he's very greedy, although how they can make that assessment after he's made eight appearances (a lot as sub) confuses me. He is exciting. Runs with the ball at pace, has plenty of tricks, and in his demeanour, reminds me of Chris Waddle. Bet loads on here will give me serious stick for saying that! But what do I care?
Old Yid   Adam Smith
Spurs4life2008   Would say Taarabt, been class coming on end of last season.
RiverWire   Na i would imagine you know about most of them, Giovani dos santos will rain hell on teams if given the chance and time to mature.
King 'Arry   Taarabt, Bostock, Peckhart.
LukeModric2010   perkhart, bostock, adam smith, and GIO!!!

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs?  Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?
ChrisF   Well I am old enough to remember the seventies and eighties...great games..big name players and lots and lots of goals..I remember Kenny Dalglish absolutely tearing us a part more than once ...a truly magic player... Decision? Liverpool signing him from Celtic......as if Keegan wasn't enough you find a better player to take his place........
funster   A few. Two up at Anfield, then got Tarrico sent off. We were singing "Quite good! You used to be quite good!"..... lost 3-2!
3-3 at White Hart Lane after Bill Nicholson passed away. A game played with all the spirit and quality that these two clubs should demonstrate.
And another 3-3 (maybe it was 2-2?) at The Lane when Ginloa had single-handedly put us in a winning position, got subbed, we capitulated..... he was seen remonstrating with those still left on the pitch and everybody around me thought - "Yeap, he's right..... wish we had more players as committed to the cause as that".
Old Yid   I was at the 7-0 drubbing at Anfield in 1978......we played you off the park  ;)
Spurs4life2008   Hmm... 2-2 last season, really thought we were going to get 3 points :(
King 'Arry   Erik Edmans striker at Anfield stands out.

What kind of reception will Robert David Keane receive?
ChrisF   Mild bemused applause...good luck to him....
funster   Mixed, but on the whole, polite applause.
Old Yid   A **** one from me but pretty mixed overall i think.
Spurs4life2008   Overall, it would be a good reception.
RiverWire   lol love it, Robert David ;) if i was there i would be shouting Robert David all match, na he's a good lad and gave us 7 great seasons of giving 100%, i would imagine most reactions will be good, unlike the one berba will get.
King 'Arry   Boos. Lots of them.
LukeModric2010   mixed, if i was there id cheer, he gave us alot, but he has left a bitter taste in the mouth of most spurs fans because of how he left

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?
ChrisF   We have nothing to lose so I imagine 4-4-2....make the back four solid maybe run at the Liverpool defence and it would be really nice if Torres and Gerard could miss the game and if your back four decided to not be so miserable that would be really nice.
funster   4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. Not sure who we would play as the two up front in a 4-4-2. The 4-4-1-1 would be (probably) Pavlyuchenko with Modric just behind. Expect not much change from last Sunday against Bolton in terms of playing staff, although Bale will make an appearance I expect, possibly deployed on the left wing with BAE at left back? Depends what Harry picks for tonight at The Emirates. Will give a good indicator. If King doesn't play tonight, I'd expect him to start on Saturday.
Old Yid   4-4-1-1 & a lot of security in the car park ;)
Spurs4life2008   Would go with 4-4-2 with Bent & Pav upfront (Maybe Campbell coming on late on)
King 'Arry   Unchanged from the game tonight, although King/Woodgate/Corluka could all change.
LukeModric2010   not much change, pav up front with modric behind. four in middle and four in back

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?
ChrisF   Not really.....I did like the one about being lucky to see Harry Kewell play for Liverpool....
funster   The long, rolling build-up with "Oh when the Spurs go marching in". Ones that need explanation? Mmmmmm..... there's always a few of those, but they tend to be transient.
Old Yid   My old man said be an Ar5enal fan, i said f*ck off b*llox you're a c*nt etc..... speaks for itself.
Spurs4life2008   Still waiting for "Diamond Lights" to be chanted :D
RiverWire  im rushing to get down the pub so cant be bothered to type anymore
King 'Arry   Oh when the Spurs is still our best.
LukeModric2010   hmmm i personally enjoy glory glory tottenham hotspur

Where do you expect Tottenham and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?
ChrisF   Spurs 10th Liverpool 3rd...heartbreak again ..sorry boys.
funster   Liverpool - top four. Could be any of the top three positions I reckon. Spurs - top half.
Old Yid   Luckypool 2nd to 4th. The Mighty Tottenham 12-17th.
Spurs4life2008   I do think Liverpool could win the League this year, if not 2nd. Spurs mid-table
RiverWire   1st and 2nd , i can taste the beer
King 'Arry   Liverpool - 3rd. Spurs - 9th.
LukeModric2010   Liverpool - 2nd. Spurs - 10th.

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?
Everyone   Gerrard and Torres.
Old Yid   Torres. Keane the lean mean goal machine isn't doing much in the Premier League at left back ;)

Care to predict the score?
ChrisF   Spurs 0 Liverpool 2.....
funster   Nah. I don't do predictions!
Old Yid   1-0 Tottenham (always the optimist) ;D
Spurs4life2008   Would like to go with a draw if poss, but have to be real in thinking Liverpool will come out with 3 points if they play anything like they did against Chelsea.
RiverWire   0-3 to spurs ..................... 1 - 1 with any luck
King 'Arry   1-2
LukeModric2010   hope 2-2 but i think it will be 1-2

EDIT: Changed HotspurS to Hotspur!! :p

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