We're all hypocrites, and we should be glad...

Posted by Hinesy on October 3, 2008, 05:43:19 PM

UEFA say Kick out Racism and then fine Croatia the terrifying bankrupting sum of £9,500 for racist abuse.

William Gaillard calls Liverpool fans the worst in Europe as Barcelona v Espaynol  is held up for 8 minutes by rioting and Lazio fans persist in Nazi salutes whilst Roma fans are allowed to continue to throw flares and stab at will.

Meanwhile the Premier League allow Ferguson to get away with deliberate flouting of the media rules but complain when anyone else does it.

This is the organisation that flatly refuses to place into being a test to see if any of the world's richest men are remotely fit to buy up our national heritage, on some big tax free shopping spree (Buy Newcastle get one free..)

Nothing terribly difficult for us to complain about there, but aren't we,as fans, just as bad?

Liverpool fans call for more press reporting of the sick Hillsborough songs sung by Everton and Utd fans (and players allegedly) and then defend singing 2-0 to the murderers back to them, or Munich chants at OT last season as the constant abuse and barrage gets to them.

Here on the Liverpool board, a poster is applauded for telling people to put down their phones and cameras during matches, as the same people download and post their vids and pics of CL games past in celebration.

We despise the ownership of our club by two useless fuckwits who treat us a business on which to lay debt but want some foreign billionaire to buy us. From a country that doesn't recognise Yossi Benyaoun's country and probably wouldn't let him into theirs.

We bemoan that arsey-ness of Alex Ferguson's persistent abuse of the press and flouting of rules on match conferences, yet some applaud Joe Kinnear (wtf is he doing in the PL by the way) for telling the press to fuck off in the same way as the manc boss does.

We hate overcrowding and too many fans, given our tragic history yet secretly admire those who 'dupe' their way into most games, or use the term 'in's in'.

It's always been ok to make jokes and songs about oppo players. But when the fabled Kop wit is reduced to trading insults with lesser teams, when we can't see the wood for the trees, and when red turns on red because of their geographical location, because of what they choose to wear to the match and because they sing/don't sing, it's the beginning of the end.

Now I'll defend to the death anyone's right to say what they want, but I hate mancs and the blueshite and believe supporting Utd is a genetic disorder..

Hypocritical me? Ain't it what being a fan's all about?

And please don't defend the points above, you've missed the main point. We're all gobshites.

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