Kop Stories by Dave Kirby and Nicky Allt

Posted by Peter_Evo on April 27, 2004, 08:08:50 AM

Those of you who were around in the formative years of these Internet Forums will know Dave Kirby as "Braces 'n' Boots".  "Braces" posted many superb poems and stories, especially on the old, much loved and fondly remembered RAOTL Forum.  Dave is a totally mad, larger than life character.  This character somewhat belies the other side of Dave though; the caring, compassionate, heart of gold side.

I have to say I thought Dave Kirby was a one-off until he introduced me (only about twelve months ago) to his mate, fellow writer and fellow madman Nicky Allt. Nicky told me of a book he had written which he was struggling to get published.  That book, as most of you will by now know, is BOYS FROM THE MERSEY. Perhaps less well known is Nicky's own superb collection of footy related poetry. These and those of mine and Dave's have been given an airing at various HJC fund-raising bashes.

I am pleased now to announce that my fellow "House of Scouse" writers Dave and Nicky have published these poems and stories in a book called KOP STORIES.  Retailing at just £4.99 the book is a must buy for any Red. The book is available at WH Smith's in Church Street, the HJC Shop opposite the Albert and from Dave and Nicky themselves.  The book has had an initial print run of just 1,000 copies but these are selling as fast as very hot cakes so if you want a copy, hurry up!

Those of you who have dealt with me in buying my books might find it easier to order KOP STORIES from me.  If you wish to do that contact me in the normal way by e-mail peterevo75@hotmail.com or by belling me on 07900030435. Postage cost will be £1 UK £2 anywhere else in the world. Alternatively you can pick up a copy from me at any home match and most aways. Please make cheques payable to Peter Etherington and I'll pass the money on to Dave and Nicky.

How much will Dave and Nicky make from this venture?  Not a single blind penny!  All proceeds will go to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign and Zoe's Place Baby Hospice.  So come on, help these two worthwhile causes and have yourself a laugh and great read by ordering now.

Included in the book are such classics as Dave's JUSTICE BELL and THE OLD BOY'S PEN and Nicky's ELEVEN RED TOILET ATTENDANTS and THE TRANS-ALPINO RUB-OUT BOY. Strangely not included is perhaps Dave's best known work THE STAND OFF about the Fowler-Thompson mismatch of a few years ago.  That poem was doing the rounds all over Merseyside at the time.  Maybe Dave's saving that for KOP STORIES 2.  I hope so. Another not included but maybe in KOP STORIES 2 is Dave's mind-blowingly poignant ONE FOR SORROW.  I'll be posting that on the Forums later.  Please take time to read it.  It never fails to bring a tear to my eyes.

The book is superbly illustrated throughout by another local lad Mike Burrows.  Mike is himself looking for a break in getting into the field of illustration, animation and graphic design. By buying the book you will be giving three local lads a helping hand in the notoriously middle-class dominated world of writing and publishing. HOUSE OF SCOUSE aim to change all that by giving us and other Scouse writers, the real story-tellers, a chance.  Watch out for us - we're gonna be big!

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