Required : Miracle of biblical proportions

Posted by WOOLTONIAN on April 21, 2004, 02:49:45 PM

John 11-43/44 … And Jesus said to Lazarus “come Forth” … and Lazarus did indeed rise from the dead.

Now, I believe, that we all acknowledge the existence of miracles, but does Mr Moores see himself as the new messiah? When David said to Gerard “Come Fourth” was he hoping for some form of resurrection? Latest reports are that, The Board are prepared to invest yet again. Has Thirty pieces of Silver turned into a 30 million pound war chest due to inflation?

This set my mind to other biblical references. Jesus’s faith was tested in the wilderness for 40 days. Is it any wonder that other fans and I have started losing faith, having been tested for nearly 1000 days. Not in my mind. Jesus had Simon, who he called Peter (probably due to too many Stella’s) as his rock.

Our rock in recent times has been Steven Gerrard perhaps if we start calling him Phillip, things may improve.

Our very own JC (Jamie Carragher) has fought the good fight all season, without reward, perhaps it’s time he had some assistance from a Samaritan, although our “Sammi” can hardly be described as good in recent times.

Surely this weekends game could be compared with the Christians entering the Lion's Den - let’s just pray we don’t get mauled as bad they did. The fixture to be held at Sodd’em and Gomorra has brought us dividends in recent times, hopefully there'll be some more divine inspiration from St Murph (if selected).

The first shall be last and the last shall be first, probably explains how Charlton are so far up the league. Jesus also cured a leper, talking of which, it was nice to see Stephane don the jersey again, after being outcast by Ged. Whatever did he do?

Pontius Pilot gave the crowd a choice, Barrabas or Jesus. Ged has given the crowd no choice and has stuck to rewarding Biscan, God only knows why. Jesus fed “many mouths” by sharing out 7 fish - Ged appears to have spread 7 points over “many months". It makes you wonder, which is the bigger miracle?

Jesus had his, and it’s said we all have a cross to bear, but what on earth is Harry carrying around on his shoulders? Whatever it is, he better lay it to rest and try to put a decent cross in for a change.

One of the crucified alongside Jesus was a “killer”. Our very own “Serial Killer” El Hadj de Hoof looks like suffering the same fate this summer. In my eyes this would be an injustice. He deserves another chance under a new leader.

Sarah was turned into a Pillar of salt for looking backwards, apparently the same has happened to Emily. It would be easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. I’d be happy if we could thread a few passes together, and stuff the camel.

Blessed is the Mick, for he shall inherit the earth, especially if he scores on Saturday. We have the bread to go by train, we have the whine still ringing in our ears after last week's performance. So surely this is the last Supper.

Phillip (sorry Stevie) before the dawn you will deny me thrice. Not much hope of that, the armband has proven to cover the cost of loyalty. All we need now is a Judas figure. Will St. Michael sell his soul if we don't “Come Fourth”?

Only time will tell.

Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do. Sounds like a comment you’d hear in the Sandon after a home game of late. All I can say is ...


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