Spyin' Kop, LFC vs Everton derby preview

Posted by Armin on March 29, 2008, 05:53:18 PM

Liverpool Versus Everton

Everton's Honours:

League Champions

1891, 1915, 1928, 1932, 1939, 1963, 1970, 1985, 1987
League Runners-Up
1890, 1895, 1902, 1905, 1909, 1912, 1986

(Old) Division Two Champions
(Old) Division Two Runners-up

FA Cup Winners 1906, 1933, 1966, 1984, 1995

FA Cup Finalists 1893, 1897, 1907, 1968, 1985, 1986, 1989

League Cup Finalists 1977, 1984

European Cup Winners Cup Winners 1985

FA Charity Shield Winners 1928, 1933, 1963, 1970, 1984, 1985, 1986 (shared), 1987, 1995

FA Youth Cup Winners 1965, 1984, 1998

FA Youth Cup Finalists 1961, 1977, 1983, 2002

It's that time of the year again, from the moment the fixture list comes out it's for many of us the first game we look for, there's nothing quite like a derby against the old enemy. This year the mob from over the park are enjoying one of their best seasons in years, David Moyes has added a top premier league striker in Yakubu to the likes of Arteta, Johnson, Cahill and Lescott, as good a selection of first team talent as Everton have fielded in 20 years. A claim that's backed up by the challenge they're making for the fourth place and the Champions League spot that goes with it.

For this preview Rawk asked some of the Toffees who frequent The People's Forum for their thoughts on the game and our two sides. Our thanks to all who contributed their answers. Enough waffling and onto the questions:

SK: How has the season been shaping up so far?

0--1: It's been the most enjoyable one in my Everton-supporting history. As a younger Blue, I haven't been exposed to any sustained period of success and, as such, I get a great buzz out of pretty much any kind of win. I've had that feeling 28 times this season and long may it continue.

Davro: As Moyes has alluded, probably bordering on heroic failure. Some great attacking football, which is perhaps the biggest leap forward for twenty years.

Top Balcony: Excellent we deserve to be 3rd see www.rightresult.net

Paulo: Pretty good - especially happy with the European results. What the season lacks so far is a stand out win against a leading side. We're close, but...

Garrincha: About as well as could be expected. I believed we would be challenging for third or fourth. Given the disparities in budgets, Moyes has worked miracles. Sadly, Torres has turned out even better than I expected or you would have had Klinsmann in charge by now.

Colm: It's gone from being effectively free to being effectively very expensive to effectively at a dead end! Oh, you mean the football...

SK: What were your expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?

Laughing Boy: Nope. I expected between 3rd and 7th depending on injuries and how well the likes of Spurs and Villa spent their cash.

Paulo: Qualify for UEFA Cup, Respectable performances in the Euopean games.
Yes - they changed when we signed Yakubu.

Colm: I've feared, somehow, that Tesco, as Tesco do so well, would simply ignore the rules and regulations, changing the goalposts along the way, as Tesco do so well - and Everton would be on the road to a shittily relocated "home" within the confines of a retail park out in Kirkby. Bolton, Reading, Middlesbrough, Leicester and Derby County to infinity. No thanks. Oh, you mean the football...

SK: How do you rate David Moyes as a manager?

Billy Bullens: He simply can not do any better than what he's already done. He has been given £20m net in 6 years and turned us into a top 6 club. Without further investment though, i feel we can't go much further.

Paulo: I think he is excellent for us, and has enabled us to overacheive. He has brought a level of professionalism and thoroughness to the club (playing side) that wasn't always there before. That said being manager of a club with budgetary constraints where you have to get the best out of what you have got is a totally different proposition to being a top G-14 manager or an international one. Will be interesting to see if he can make the step up, hopefully with Everton.

Hereford Blue: Still learning but you only have to look at the praise he gets from other managers and peopel in the game to see how well he is thought of

Davro: Higher than as a clothes model! He's done a magnificent job.

SK: Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Garrincha: Lescotts forward running alongside Pienaar down the wing and Carsleys defensive tackles.

Col H: Hard to really pick anyone out as they have performed as a great unit all season.

Dazza: Carsley in terms of what he lets the rest of the team do, and I would have said Arteta before his slump in form. I will plump for the Yak though, because he has an uncanny knack to be in the right place, and that will be crucial on Sunday.

GOMH: Howard. Yobo. Arteta, Yakubu.

SK: Your worst player(s)?

Davro: Those who are technically poor tend to contribute plenty through character and spirit.

Billy Bullens: I'd love us to off load Gravesen, Van der Meyde from the wage bill

0--1: At the moment, Fernandes looks like a genuine liability, and you couldn't say that about anyone else bar the obvious Gravesen/Van Der Meyde. It's a shame - I hope he comes good but he just doesn't seem to have that 'look' about him.

aje: Easy answer would be Phil Neville but I can honestly say this is the first Everton team where there isn't at least one player that makes me groan when I see the lineup.

SK: Do you have a particular derby memory?

Blake: My first live game, sat with your lot in Anfield, watching you score 3. Move on...

0--1: Last season at Goodison, my dad celebrated our third by jumping up on his seat and subsequently breaking it. He rang the club to own up but they just said, "Don't worry sir, we've been getting a lot of calls like this!" For the rest of the season, seat 213, row R in the Main Stand was a distinctly odd-one-out shade of pale blue. I would also pin point our 2-0 win in Joe Royle's first game as perhaps the first time I truly started to 'get it'.

Davro: Funnily enough, the most prevalent is a save Grobelaar made from Sharp at Anfield in the first live TV derby when we got battered. But Andy King for sheer elation, and Bill Dean's death for a bit of perspective.

Geordie Blue: First derby was when Ratcliffe scored at the kop end, very good day and relatively "friendly" atmos

Col H: Sharp at Anfield. I was on the kop that day, one of, if not the best derby goals ever imho.

SK: Any young up and coming players over the park that we might not know about?

Billy Bullens: I suppose there's a lot of talk about Rodwell and Kissock. but with me being just a fan who watches the first team, I don't reallt hink i could comment.

Col H: No one setting the world on fire as far as i know.

Blake: Rodwell is the only one getting a sniff at the moment

Colm: Ernst Gund, from Austria. Very promising, now in and around the Austrian U21 squad and being touted for a move to either Werder Bremen or Bayern Munich. Excellent player, very versatile, speaks Spanish too...

aje: I'm not sure how highly rated James Vaughan is outside Goodison on account of his injuries, but he's light years ahead of Anichebe in terms of potential to be a consistent Everton goalscorer. People are aware of Vaughan, but I don't think they realise just how good he is.

SK: I know Blues felt hard done to after the Goodison Derby. Do you think Moyes used that to push on in the league? Are you/the team particularly up for this one?

Colm: And why wouldn't we be "up" for the derby? Moyes played a blinder after that game, as witnessed with the FA shitting out of charging him with his comments. Moyes called it right about Stevie M€'s mate, the ref who officiated that derby at Goodison.

Dazza: We have shown signs of dying away lately, as have Villa and Man City. The squad is showing signs of fatigue, because of the size of it. However, I don't believe Moyes will ever let the team not be up for this one. With regards to whether Moyes used the Liverpool game to push on, I would say yes but it really isn't the only game we've been robbed in this season.

Geordie Blue: I think Moyes and the players collectively raised their game. Never seen the blues not up for a derby. Me I just hope Webb isn't being discussed come monday (unless it's because for the first time an official err's in our favour).

: I'm sure he did, but I think the recovery in the knock out stage of the UEFA Cup was much more important - it just gave us that bit of belief. We'll see tomorrow if the team are up for and to the task. They've looked shattered the last couple of games.

0--1: I don't think that the sense of injustice contributed to our overall motivation as much as some make out. True, we did go on a great run of form soon afterwards, but I think that was more to do with the return of Cahill, Carsley and 4-5-1. I am very up for this one. I'm not one to jump at any chance to villify Liverpool about every small thing but Benitez has spoken such vast quantities of arse this season that shoving it in his face, as well as that of Jamie Carragher (who prior to this season I'd quite liked), would be almost as sweet as going on to clinch that all important 4th spot. Ok, it would pale in significance, but it would still be great.

aje: It's easy to say, but I doubt that sense of injustice is enough to explain the run we went on. To be honest the chance to go back to 4th is a bigger spur than wanting to get revenge for Goodison. Most of my anger at that is for Clattenburg.

Top Balcony:
No. and its typically egocentric for Red fans to think so

SK: What sort of line-up will Moyes put out? Are you after all three points or will a draw be enough to keep you in the running for 4th place?

Blake: I'd take a draw. Think we will start 4-5-1, keep it tight for an hour then bring AJ on. Think even if we win, you should still get 4th due to the fixtures.

Davro: To be honest, he'll have very few choices to make; it's a small squad anyway and pretty depleted. If we aren't going for three points, it's not a derby.

Billy Bullens: as said i feel we've ran out of steam regarding the 4th place race. however 4th place IS in our hands, if we win our 7 games there's nothing Liverpool can do to stop us. i believe we need to go 4-4-2 with Yakubu and Johnson up front, but i think he'll go 4-5-1 with Hibbert in for Johnson (yes I know) and Neville in a midfield 5.

SK: Where do you expect Everton and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

Colm: A long long way off the top......which is what The League should be all about. Shanks wouldn't give two shits about finishing a distant fourth.....

Geordie Blue: 4th and 5th and personally I think if you get beat tomorrow Rafa will concentrate on the CL

aje: 4th and 5th.

SK: Care to predict the score?

Laughing Boy: 3-0 Liverpool...after 90 minutes of unsightly snot flecked, mad eyed effort from the reds.

Top Balcony: Yes 1 1

Dazza: My head says Liverpool to comfortably win, but thats the pessimist in me.

Thanks once again to all at TPF for helping out at short notice.

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