Spyin' kop Liverpool v Newcastle, Saturday 8th March 2008:

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On the back of a few decent results for us of late, it's time to welcome Newcastle to Anfield, who have not had much success since their "Messiah" has returned to the big chair.

Both clubs will be desperate for a win for different reasons, ours to try and stay in contention for a Champions League spot for next season, and theirs to avoid being involved in the dog fight at the opposite end of the table.

I honestly hope that they don't drop out of the big league to be replaced by a smaller team with a smaller fan base, but I obviously want us to beat them on Saturday, then hopefully they'll survive the drop and get a few decent results, namely their last League game against our beloved blue cousins from across the park.  ;)

Liverpool v Newcastle United
Barleys Premier league
Saturday 8th March, 08
Kick off 3pm
Anfield, Liverpool

The Magpies

Club Colours
Home: Black & white stripe shirts, black shorts, black socks

Ground Capacity

Pitch Measurements
105 x 68 Metres

Record Home Attendance
68,386 v Chelsea, 3rd September 1930 (Division One)

Record Average Attendance
56,299 Season 1947-48 (Division Two)

Football League Champions

1904-05; 1906-07; 1908-09; 1926-27

FA Cup Winners
1910; 1924; 1932; 1951; 1952; 1955

UEFA (Fairs) Cup Winners

Record Victory
13-0 v Newport County (h), Division 2, 5th October 1946

Record Defeat

0-9 v Burton Wanderers (a), Div Two, 15th April 1895

Most League Points
45, Division Two, 1964-65, (Two Points Win)
96, Division One, 1992-93 (Three Points Win)

Most League Goals
98, Division One, 1951-52

Record Transfer Fee Received

£13.667 million for Jonathan Woodgate in August 2004

Record Transfer Fee Paid
£16 million for Michael Owen in August 2005

I stopped over at http://www.toontastic.net and found them to be jolly nice and very friendly.

Sk: What do you think of your season so far?

alex: Shocking.

snakehips: Abysmal. Woeful. Crap. Shite. Dire. You get the drift?

Sima: Very, very disappointing. Quietly optimistic at the start with Allardyce's arrival and the results at the beginning of the season. It's all fell apart since then. He still shouldn't have been sacked so early though

Barton7: Total disaster especially after the early optimism of a totally new regime.

T-Kieth: A season of horrible torture with added media bitterness

Sk: What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

alex: Squeaky bums and survival.

snakehips: Lots of attacks from the media. A lot of lows with one or two much-needed wins to see us okay.

Sima: Hopefully stave off relegation, not entirely confident though

Barton7: To avoid relegation.

T-Keith: Relegation, more media bitterness

Sk: Was Kevin Keegan everyone's choice to replace Big Sam, if not who would you have preferred?

alex: I think some people were hoping for some Mourinho-type of arrival but that wasn't realistic and I was (and still am) happy with KK.

snakehips: Never even considered KK when the large fella was sacked. Would have loved Hiddink (I can fuckin' dream, can't I ?)

Sima: Nowhere near my first choice as the Premier League is a far more cosmopolitan league now, what with tactics, players diets, etc that when he was last successful. I would have preferred someone like Deschamps or Quique Sanches Flores

Barton7: I think realistically he was my choice as I didn't want us to go for another Allardyce type choice (Redknapp etc) so we may as well have brought him back since he's a legend here, obviously I'd have loved to have seen someone like Mourinho here but that was never going to happen  :D.

T-Keith: I didn't want Keegan but id rather have him than Redknapp and i was caught in the good atmosphere Keegan brought

Sk: Who has been your best player/s so far

alex:Tough one. Habib Beye has probably been the best player for me.

snakehips: None. All at a level of shite, with two or three containing extra nutty bits and undigested sweetcorn.

Sima: No-one has really shone out so I'm going to go for Milner on a consistency basis. Even he isn't that good though

Barton7: I'd have to say Milner as he actually tries despite his total lack of pace, Beye who I think is a good player, Faye he has seemed decent funnily enough I had probably the lowest expectations of him out of our signings, Butt when he was playing well 1st half of the season and although he has been wasted at left back numerous times N'zogbia when he tries can be very good.

T-Keith: Habib Beye and regardless of performance i enjoy watching Duff/Milner

Sk: and your worst?

alex: Another tough one. Too many to mention and a bit unfair to single players out imo.

snakehips: See above.

Sima: Steven Taylor, absolute fucking liability

Barton7: Cacapa, Carr, Barton, Geremi, Butt second half of the season, Steven 'Geordie hero' Taylor, Rosenthal, Smith (although he's been ok up front he still doesn't score).

T-Keith: Joey Barton for a plethora of reasons. Including the fact he appears to be shite  ;D

Sk: Any young up and coming players that have impressed you?

alex: Not really in all honesty. The little bits I've seen of Andy Carroll suggests he might make it (decent first touch, physical presence).

snakehips: No.

Sima: Carroll seems to have put himself about without looking anything special and he's the only one that has really had even a remote run in the first team.

Barton7: Although he's hardly appeared Kazenga Lua Lua has impressed me, he's quick, tricky (like his brother), and from what I've heard off a reserve player he has a rocket shot on him.

T-Keith: N'Zogbia always does however i am very impressed with what i have seen of Kazenga Lua Lua.

Sk: What sort of line up do you expect that'll play against us?

alex: 4-4-2 - Harper - Beye, Faye, Taylor, Enrique - Milner, Butt, Smith, Duff - Owen, Martins.

snakehips: 4-4-2.

Sima: Harper, Beye, Taylor, Faye, Enrique, Milner, Geremi, Butt, Duff, Owen, Smith

Barton7: 4-4-2 - Harper. Beye, Faye, Taylor, Enrique. Milner, Butt, Smith, Duff. Owen, Martins.
I'd prefer us to play N'zogbia in CM but I don't see it happening. I had Barton in the team but I'm sure he can't play because of his bail terms

T-Keith: If we had any sense a defensive 4-4-2/4-4-1-1/5-4-1 but we will play an average 4-4-2 and hand you the game.

Sk: Which Liverpool player/s do you think will have to be watched in our forthcoming game?

alex: I'm hoping Torres and Gerrard are rested.

snakehips: Does it matter? I'm anticipating you putting 8 past us on Saturday (I jest not)

Sima: Torres, Gerrard, Babel

Barton7: Gerrard, Torres, Babel hopefully Rafa rests some of them though with the Inter game coming up.

T-Keith: Depends on the starting 11 but not matter what it is at least ten of them  ;D

Sk: Any of your players who you think we'll have to watch out for?

alex: Martins and N'Zogbia (if they play). Neither are great or consistent but they can conjure something out of nothing on their day.

snakehips: Steve Harper picking the ball out the net quick enough so you can get on with the game and score more against us!

Sima: Nope, woefully out of form, don't think we'll pose any threat

Barton7: If they play Martins (you never know what he's going to do and can easily score a 30 yard raker then miss an open net from 6 yards), N'zogbia and Beye (he's quick to overlap Milner and he has alot of pace to get back if needed)

T-Keith: No it should be a breeze for you.

Sk: What are your memories, if any, of our previous meetings at Anfield?

alex: Unpleasant ones, generally.

snakehips: Where's the rope?

Sima: Obviously the two 4-3's stick out, but other meetings I remember are when we won 2-0 in 95 with Fox and Lee getting the goals and the 2-2 draw about 4 years back

Barton7: Mostly horrid ones like the 4-3 losses.

T-Keith: Losing 2-1 in the cup was a bastard and obviously the 2 x 4-3's.

Sk: Where do you expect both teams will finish in the league come the end of the season?

alex: Liverpool - 4th, Newcastle - 5th bottom.

snakehips: L'pool 4th, NUFC 5th bottom.

Sima: Liverpool will finish 4th and hopefully we'll finish 16th/17th

Barton7: Liverpool will finish 4th and we will hopefully finish about 14th

T-Keith: Liverpool 5th Newcastle 16-17th

Sk: and finally, do you care to predict the score?

alex: 3-1 to Liverpool

snakehips: 8-1.

Sima: 3-0 at a canter to Liverpool 

Barton7: Anything around 3-0 to Liverpool 

4-0 to Liverpool

© Terry De Niro 2008

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