O'Neill's Trojan Horse

Posted by Rushian on February 28, 2004, 12:51:25 AM

Now I'm as upset as any Liverpool fan and, like any Liverpool fan, I'm appalled by some of our players and staff this season. I could write a list of who should be shown the door without too much to consider, but there's no point. Not here, not now, not while we're in such a fragile state.
But what I won't put up with is a twat like Robbie Savage of Birmingham - yes, that's Birmingham (years as a Liverpool fan - nil; years as a manger - nil; years of being associated with any form of footballing expertise - nil) - being quoted in the Mirror as saying that O'Neill is the man to 'turn flops into winners at Anfield'.

What the fuck does Robbie Savage know about anything other than hair straighteners? I'd sooner ask my granny's opinion on managerial decisions, and she's been dead for fifteen years.
The point is, through all these dark days I've never heard anyone that calls themself a fan of Liverpool Football Club calling for Martin O'Neill to be appointed. Those who talk of the great years, of Shankly, Paisley, Fagan and Dalglish know only too well who Martin O'Neill is. He's one of Clough's boys, back from the days when Clough was enemy number one. And the last time we employed one of Clough's boys nothing good came of it (unless Nigel Clough has any fans in Rainhill, currently chewing through their leather straps).
Martin O'Neill was star pupil at the Brian Clough School of Football, and the Brian Clough School of Football proved itself time and again to be the very anthithesis of the Liverpool Way. If you're so depressed by seeing negative football being played, ask yourself who invented the game of 'destroy rather than create', block passes, never mind make your own - getting in the way is more important than playing the ball.

I'm not even going to get into a discussion of O'Neill's determinedly unimpressive record as manager of a club in a league of two. Should Larsson be playing Champion's League football? Damn straight, but he's not is he? O'Neill is a mediocre manager who plays mediocre football and sold us the country's most mediocre player (for a club record).

O'Neill is a Trojan Horse, and I don't want to see Clough's football played here.

Those of you fond of remembering your history, remember your enemies also. O'Neill's football is Clough's football and has nothing to do with the Liverpool Way. Anyone who can call themself a supporter of Liverpool knows this, and that's why we can disregard anything that the likes of Lawrenson or some two-bit player at Birmingham thinks is in the club's best interest. Bringing in O'Neill would be as insane as, say, allowing Graeme Souness to employ some Manc called Corrigan to show our goalkeepers what to do.
Houllier should go, and will go, but not mid-season. Accept it, move on, and cheer whenever we play. When Houllier is replaced (and replaced he must be, as must around three quarters of the current squad), it will be by someone who can bring glory back to Anfield. It won't be by a Trojan Horse who has already given us our most underacheiving player.
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