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der der der der de!
The indisputable leader of the gang,
he's the boss he's the tip, he's the championship...

No damn it wait a minute, that's Topcat I'm thinking of. What's that? You've never heard of topcat? Never mind children, Bossmag is something quite different. The fanzine scene at Liverpool has been relatively static these past few years, indeed with the demise of TTWAR it could've been seen to be in decline but now there's a new kid on the block.

As I've yet to read Bossmag I asked one of the founders, 'Mr Bossmag' what all the fuss was about:

The idea behind BOSS mag was that a few of us wanted to read stuff about what we are into, and what we are into is, LFC and LFC Culture. To us, LFC Culture is not only following the Boys in Red but also being extremely aware and extremely proud of our heritage. (music, clobber, pubs, mates). The reason we only initially posted this in the Liverpool Life forum is 'cos it's very very Merseyside orientated. Although in the end we had quite a bit of LFC/football in it, when we first set out we intended to have as much about the city in general, music and alike.

It's not really a fanzine for discussing topics such as Rafa's Team Formations and the tactics he employs; there are three great fanzines available outside the ground on Matchdays for these types of discussion.
We like to think that we are a little different to the others in that anything goes, as long as it's scouse. So if you want to read our Match Reports which will probably include one paragraph about the actual match and focus more on what happened in the pub before and after, if you want to hear about what's happening in the current Liverpool Music Scene, or you're just interested in general stuff that is going on in and around this amazing city of ours, then BOSS might be the mag for you.
We're approaching 2008. The Capital of Culture. OUR culture. Let's write about it. Let's celebrate what's going on and around the streets of Merseyside.

It's not about creating an us/them situation either, far from it. It's just about celebrating us, and what we do. We're not approaching this like we're anything special either. Just a handful of normal, young(ish)  lads. None of us were at St Etienne, Rome or Vladikavkaz, and whilst it's great reading about all them we've got our own stories and opinions from now.

It's A5 size. The idea being you can fold it up to A6 size and it'll fit perfectly in the back bin of your jeans. Then you'll be able to just go on the ale after the match without carryin' it around, leaving your hands free for your two bottles of Becks. It's also ideal for whippin' out on the bus or train for a quick shuftee.
The first run of Issue One sold out about an hour before kick off on it's Maiden Voyage. We were a bit shocked by this and have since received a lot of enquiries regarding when the new stock will be in. At the moment, the only place to buy it is the Hillsborough Justice Campaign Shop on Walton Breck Road (opposite The Albert pub) and if all goes to plan with the printers, there should be new stock in for the Cardiff City League Cup match.
Obviously, we're not in this to make money, charging a pound (although this could change, cos we never done the mag to lose money either), we're also not in this to make names for ourselves or pretending that we're doing something unique and groundbreaking. We're just some Scouse match going lads who want to write and read about what we're into. Perhaps you might want to too.
For further information, check out :

See what you think.
Nice one.

Sounds boss :)  I'll be submitting my guide to classic Hi-Tec trainers of the mid 1990's for publication in a future episode. In the meantime lets hope fellow reds get behind it, get involved themselves and give Bossmag the support it deserves. 

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