Game Plan. What's Rafa's Vision?

Posted by Hinesy on October 29, 2007, 02:08:38 PM

First of all, this is not a gripe, a negative whinge, a kneejerking moan, but a genuine question.

What do you think is Rafa's way of playing his teams. His vision. Does he have one? Is there more than a game to game plan?
Well I think there is a long term stragety as well as a game-to-game for the club, but I honestly don't know what his vision, his style, his way is.

Pass and move is the Liverpool tradition. We show that sometimes, sometimes not. I think Rafa likes free flowing quick football and his 4-2-3-1 formation I liked - it gave a solid platform for the forward midfield section to play free and for Stevie to roam relatively freely around.
But of course the other two of that '3' need to be good wingers to provide regular service to the '1' up front, so it does need the specialist personnel for the job.

I'm not going to name names here as I don't want to get into a he's shite, no he's not, away and support Everton you twat type discussion, BUT given the personnel we do have, can you work out what Rafa's ethos is.

Sadly just now, I can't - I really don't know how he wants us to play, how he sets his team out. Ferguson - you kind of guess. Wenger - you know for sure. Rafa's been here long enough to set out his stall, but maybe I'm not good enough at the tactics to work it out. But that worries me as I've not really heard him talk much about the way he sees football beyond having 'possibilities' for each game.

He has my support and so does the team. But I'd like, no, I'd love, to be able to say - This is how we play - this is our way. But I can't.

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