Spyin Kop : Marseille Home - European Cup Matchday 2

Posted by FrenchRed on October 2, 2007, 06:09:35 PM

Salut ŗ tous ! Next game is Marseille at home in the European Cup and itís time for me to try my luck on my first Spyin Kop (Thatís a plea for your extreme indulgence).

Letís start with some basics : Marseille is a city, in fact a football mad city, in the south of France where Zinedine Zidane was born and raised (to some extent only as he graduated as a professional footballer in nearby Cannes).

But, Iíll let you know a bit more about the city for the return fixture with the help of some inhabitants as Iím from Normandy so closer to Liverpool than Marseille !

The football club, named Olympique de Marseille is famous for his last title : the European Cup in 1993 against Milan AC (sound familiar ?). They also clinched their last title as French champions that year but although it still appears on their official site, it was removed for match fixing but letís not get involved in controversy !
Besides, you can get a full insight in líOM rich history here: http://www.om.net/en/Club/501002/Histoire_de_l_OM/25675/OM_History

Iíll thank everyone at www.omplanete.com for answering the questions so quickly as I didnít have much time to prepare for this (by the way, whereís -HH- ? ;) ).

How has the season been shaping up so far ?
bibi94 : Very badly as you may know.
First, we lost Ribery. He was our best player which could win a match by his own, he was so incredible. Last year, Nasri, Cissť, Niang took benefit from his presence because our opponents were always 2 or 3 on Francky the King, so they had many freedom on the pitch. But now cos he is away, they have to take their own responsibilities and it's not easy, specially in Marseille. The second reason is that our coach Mr Emon was not enough capable to lead our team like he should do. Tactically, he was so limited, so crap. He is certainly very nice but we need a boss to train our team: he was not the right man that's why I am very glad that he has been fired. And the last reason of our bad start is that many players are not very involved: they are happy in Marseille cos for the sun, beach, girls, night-club and parties but when they have to play football, they are all, except Cana (midfielder) and Mandanda (goalkeeper), "out of order", so shameful.
Massilia 63 : Very difficult. Our former coach was not very efficient and some new players have some difficulties to find their place in the team. Our best players Niang and Nasri have been injured and Nasri is still missing for Wednesday match.
We already change our coach and the new one seems to be very hard and serious.
mytico : Very badly indeed. All the indicators were on green. We had a big mercato, the team was playing well  in the preparation games. So even with the loss of ribery the expectations were very high. And then it turned out all bad for us with the loss of our offensive organization, the complete chaos in our fighting spirit en trust in our potentialities, the increase off pressure and stress. The coach has now been fired the team is training in complete blackout for 10 days now with the new coach.
okcomp : Sorry but I donít understand the first question  ;D 
la bombonnera : we did on the paper our best mercato since  a lot of time. but after 9 stages, we only won one game, draw four times, an loss 4 games. The coach was sacked and replaced by Eric gerets, former Psv and galatasaray coach.
now we are hoping that the trend will change and that our season will at least start.

What are your expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?
bibi94 : At the beginning, I thought we could compete for the title but due to our bad stard, I would be very happy if we manage to be 2nd or 3rd (Champions League ticket).
Massilia 63 : OM supporters are expecting their team to win the French League. But our awful beginning has quite already killed our ambitions. We hope we'll be able to qualify in Champion's League next year.
mytico : As a said, they were very high, but today we first hope to regain a real team on the field and then we will talk about clear objectives. But you have to know that l'OM in Europe is always surprising especially when nobody expects anything positive.
okcomp : We were playing for title, we're now playing for not going to D2 next year. Is that a big change? Personally I donít see the difference.
la bombonnera : of course. We were expecting to fight for the title. Now we a looking at the bottom. We are 16th after 9 stages.

Who do you think is your most important player(s)?
bibi94 : Cana is the spirit of our team, our Steven Gerrard. Nasri is the most talented :you are lucky that he won't play Wednesday. Cissť is also a good player but he is disappointing since the beginning of the season.
Massilia 63 : Our best players are Nasri, considered by many as the new Zidane. Niang and Cissť are our best strikers even if Niang plays as a winger. Cana is our captain and has a great fighting spirit.
Mandanda is a also a good goalkeeper.
mytico : Cana the warrior, the spirit of the team, the captain
Niang the mystery. With him you never know, not the best finisher, but very difficult to contain when in good shape.
Cissť the not very technical scorer, but in power and speed has no equal.
Nasri and unfortunately for us and for you, he will not be present. The classy type of player, very technical , very young. The French talent, with  the French habit of producing great nį10
okcomp : Cana my hero!!! The guy you see on your left. He has cut his hair for the match on wednesday, be careful. He is acting like we love in Marseille, a real guerrieros, like Gatuso.
la bombonnera : Samir Nasri. But tomorrow he won't play.

Your worst player(s)?
bibi94 : Ziani was supposed to take over from Ribery but he played so badly like a pingouin. I am sure you will have fun Wednesday when you will see him trying to play football. Bonnart is limited player but we have no more right defender so he has to play. Our biggest problem is our bench: Arrache, Moussilou, etc.
Massilia 63 : He have a lot a goats.  ;D 
Moussilou, Oruma, Arrache are bad but I hope they won't play against Liverpool.
mytico : Joker!
okcomp :    ;D I c'ant answer to this question, too hard   ;D
la bombonnera : we have lots of poor player. The worst one is Matt Moussilou, the worst striker in the world, followed by salim arrache

Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs?  Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with or about the atmosphere ?
bibi94 : I remember Meite's goal at the Stade Velodrome, the atmosphere was totally incredible: that was our OM.
At the end of the match, I like the behaviours of your fans coz they congratulated our players and our fans too: fair play are your guys.
Massilia 63 : The last match was in uefa. At his time we had a great player : Drogba. We manage to qualify which was a really great thing.
mytico : the last meeting was in 2004 in UEFA champion league. You were kind enough to let us pass to the next stage. Very fair play of you  ;D 
I remember that Marseilles fan were heard at Anfield all along the game and even applauded by Liverpool fan at the and of the game. But during the game I heard that it was a bit more complicated and tensed between your fans and ours.
okcomp : OM Liverpool, 1/8 final in UEFA in 2004 i think. One of the best moment in the Velodrome. Magic is the only word. Drogba is our national hero in Marseille since that season.
la bombonnera : we are all remembering the game in Marseille, with the great header of Abdoulaye Meite. It was fantastic.

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?
bibi94 : Yet, only Nasri is on the top. Taiwo is also a good player but he has to improve his concentration.
Massilia 63 : Nasri, Taiwo are some of our best young. Andre Ayew is Abedi Pele's son and he might be one of the next good players in our team.
mytico : You work for Benitez?
Nasri and Taiwo are our best young players.
okcomp : Nasri i think you know him, but he is injurried. We have also ayew, the son of pelť, the man who have shot the corner for boli's head in the champions ligue final 1993. 1-0!
la bombonnera : the goalkeeper is excellent: Steve Mandanda. Lots of people here in France compare him with Bernard Lama. He is for sure our best player since the starting of the new season.

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?
bibi94 : We have a new trainer so we do not really know which tactic he prefers. A 4-2-3-1 maybe.
Massilia 63 : As we changed our coach one week ago, we don't really know the system he'll use.
I think it's gonna be a 442 with Niang and Cissť as strikers.
mytico : 442 or 4231 or anything else as we don't know what the new coach will put in place for this specific game.
okcomp : New coach, it's the surprise, like in the kinder you know?   ;D
la bombonnera : it is hard to say. We have a new coach, and all the staff and plyers are not talking to the media for more than a week now. So hard to find informations

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?
bibi94 : Our fans are totally burned out, they are the only thing that we are proud. No title since 15 years but still 60000 furious at the stade Velodrome.
Massilia 63 : Aux armes is one of the most impressive chant in our stadium. Both sides of the stadium respond to each other and even if our stadium has no roof it makes a lot of noise.
mytico : Do not take it personally when your goalkeeper will kick the ball .
okcomp : Ce soir on vous met le feu!! Because we're gonna put the fire in the crowd (not for real okay?).
la bombonnera : 60 000 people singing and supporting the club every 90 minutes. Thousands of fans following the club every two weeks all over France and Europe. Marseille is proud of its supporters. The only that had not been destroyed during the 15 last years.

Where do you expect OM and Liverpool to finish in the Champion's League?
bibi94 : Liverpool will easily finish at the fist place and they will be present for the final battle. For us, it is a little bit more complicated: I would be very glad if we finish at the second place. And after, we are l'OM so everything can happen.
Massilia 63 : A qualification in 1/8 would be a good result for Marseille. In my opinion, Liverpool can win the Champion's League this year.
mytico : We hope to qualify for the next step. then everything is possible. Liverpool seems always the challenger in the competition and has the last 2 years manage to arrive in the final. But I would say, semi finals this year. Sorry
okcomp : We are praying for passing the group, but no certitude. And for you, you have the team to win, like BarÁa, Arsenal, MU maybe, Inter, Milan, AS Rome maybe, blablabla. A world is between us, unfortunately.
la bombonnera : i hope Liverpool will win the trophy. And I am sure they can do it again.
for Marseille I wish we accede to the second round

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?
bibi94 : Off course, Gerrard is an extraordinary player. Mascherano and Sissoko are also really impressive. Torres is a very good forward (I watched the match against Reading, wouah). I like also Benayoun, he is not very famous but what a useful player he is. Finally, your 12th player is fantastic, still singing whatever the score (I remember the final against Milan, really incredible to sing while your team lost 3-0).
Massilia 63 : Gerrard is one of the 5 best player in the world so we fear him a lot. And Peter Crouch of course.  ;D 
mytico : Gerrard Mascherano, Torres...the list is very long  :o 
okcomp : Kuyt was one of my favourite player when he was playing in Holland. Nice to see him in Liverpool.
la bombonnera : the best player in the world for me is Steven Gerrard. That guy is great.
but we fear Fernando Torres and Kuyt..

Care to predict the score?
bibi94 : 2-0 for Liverpool (Torres, Gerrard). I hope we will enjoy the match.
Good luck and have all a good match.
Massilia 63 : Liverpool wins 3-1. But we'll win in France.  ;) 
I would vote for a draw. But I you have now understood, with the new coach, our ability to transcend ourselves in this kind of game it very difficult to predict a score.
okcomp : 7-0 for us, sorry, we are unbeatable. Oh no, it was my dream last night.     Okay, you will win, because you're too strong for us, and i promise you it give me the envy to vomit and to tear off my bowels to say that, but our L1 orange is so bad  ::) 
Good luck for the match and the season. I really appreciate your fan for the fair play and for the "you never walk alone", but I prefer the Mediterranean style.
la bombonnera : unfortunatly, i think that liverppol will win. The gap is to big between us.
Liverpool 2
Marseille 0

Thanks again lads !

For more info (e.g. some of them disagree regarding Ziani) and for a bit of friendly banter, you can follow this link, they seem to be a really good bunch : http://www.omplanete.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=3699024#p3699024 (in English)

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