Ticket Protest: 1pm Sunday at The Sandon

Posted by Rushian on May 12, 2007, 07:50:40 PM

It gives me no pleasure to be writing this whatsover. The exact opposite in fact. Having spent 2007 doing our utmost to establish a working relationship with Liverpool FC with the aim, amongst several others, of improving access to match tickets for fans currently disenfranchised by cost, ticket availability etc, we now find ourselves in a position whereby we have to ask the club to explain the apparent shortage of European Cup Final tickets availability for its most loyal fans.

The club has refused to answer. Totally. They are not, it seems, "playing the numbers game". Well, thousands of Liverpool supporters are playing the numbers game - and to them the numbers aren't adding up.

Fans who failed in the electronic ballot last week are understandably upset and disappointed; fans usually are when they are unsuccesful in obtaining Cup Final tickets. It happens every year.

What is different this time is that the fans know just how few tickets went into the electronic ballot. Their chances of qualifying were not as great as could reasonably be expected. They feel cheated. They feel that tickets that should have gone to them, went elsewhere. But they have no idea where - and this doubt has led to a frenzy of rumour and speculation.

There may very well be good reasons why only around 10,000 tickets were available for qualifying supporters.

But we need to know those reasons.

Liverpool FC have refused to talk to their supporters. They have refused to extend to them the common decency of an open and truthful dialogue.

"We are not in the numbers game"

Well, we deserve better. We deserve the truth.

The RTK call on all Liverpool fans who, like we do, feel offended by the clubs insistence on not answering our most basic questions on this issue, to gather at 1pm at the rear of The Sandon pub on Oakfield Road.

Reclaim The Kop

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