Spyin' Kop: Portsmouth V Liverpool 28/04/07

Posted by Ali J on April 27, 2007, 04:17:59 PM

Just three games left and nothing for us to play for in the Premiership and a small match on Tuesday so Rafa could well put out some of the young lads against Portsmouth. Pompey on the other hand have plenty to play for, chasing a place in Europe a season after just avoiding relegation and having already acheived their best ever points tally for the Premiership.

Although they've not had a great record against us in the Premiership, they are on a decent run at home having won their last two and, with the likelihood of a weakened Reds team, will fancy their chances.

Recent Premiership Form:

Portsmouth                                          Liverpool
DWLWD                                               WWDWW

Jim Bonner of www.portsmouth-mad.co.uk kindly provided the answers to our questions. He is also planning a similar article on his site for which some of our own esteemed  :P moderators provided the answers.

Here's Jim's thoughts.

1. Are you happy with the way the season has gone? Has it met or surpassed your expectations at the start of the season?

I thought we'd finish round about 12th so we've far surpassed exppectations this season, however after the first half of the season many Pompey fans expected us to qualify for Europe.

2. Do you think you''ll qualify for Europe and if you do, do you think you are  ready for it?

I don't think we will, we've left ourselves with too much to do because of our poor away form this season, something that has always haunted us in the Premiership.

3. Would you like to see Fratton Park redeveloped or would you rather a new ground?

I wouldn't mind either way as long as I can get to it! We do need a new stadium but the club are keeping tight lipped on the situation so we don't know what's happening. The away end is getting a roof though, so you won't get soaked!

4. You have a European Cup winner in your squad. How do you rate Djimi? Bambi or misunderstood?

We have four European Cup winners in our squad! Djimi is a bit of a Bambi I'm afraid. To be fair he hasn't done as badly as some of us had first feared but he hasn't set the world alight either and we're still in need of a decent left back.

5. The fella with the bell. Atmosphere generator or annoying get?

I personally like him. The Pompey Chimes are tradition and he has a certain character about him. I've become immune to the bell ringing!

6. Apart from The Chimes, what do you think is your best chant/song?

The most popular one seems to be the simple, but effective "Blue Army"
chant. I don't really have a favourite, I like songs relevant to what's
going on during the game though, which usually means abusing the referee!

7. Would you like to see Southampton back in the Premiership so you can
resume your ''friendly'' rivalry?

Half of me wants them to return so we can have the derby games back and so
we can kick them back down again. The other half of me wants them to rot in
the Championship so they know what's it like to stay behind their rivals for
a long period of time.

8. Harry did the unthinkable and went to the ''dark side'' before returning.
Do you think he has been forgiven by all the fans?

There's a few narrow-minded prats who still come out with the "Judas" chants
now and again but 99% of us have forgiven him after he kept us up last
season against all the odds. He did take the Scummers down after all!

9. Who is you best player of the season?

It's one from either David James, Sol Campbell or Linvoy Primus. I'll go for
Linvoy because the way he stepped up to the plate this season and surprised
us all.

10. And the worst?

Probably Dejan Stefanovic. He's been a bit of a liability at the back though
to be fair he has played out of position all season. It's hard to pick an
outright candidate in honesty.

11.Other than Stephen Gerrard, which Liverpool player would you like to see
in your team and why?

Craig Bellamy. He's quick and he can finish. Just the sort of striker we
need if he can sort himself out off the pitch.

12. And finally, feeling confident? Predict the score please.

I'm quite confident because we're strong at home and you have bigger fish to
fry in Europe. Seeing as we've won 3 of our last 4 home games 2-1 I will go
for that.

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