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Posted by Number 9 on January 25, 2007, 10:18:43 AM

So Lucas Neill has finally completed his £1.5 million move to West Ham. Yes, thatís right, West Ham who currently sit second from bottom in the table. Of course, Neill claims, he made the move for purely footballing reasons and a PR offensive to match that used in the defense of Jade Goody has kicked in to put forward this slightly unbelievable standpoint.

Following last summerís World Cup, it had seemed inevitable that, at some point, Neill would leave Blackburn to Ďfurther his careerí. Rafa Benitez expressed an interest last august and pursued the player right up until midnight on deadline day.  Only his reluctance to part with Stephen Warnock prevented the deal going through. However, a consistent start to the season ensured that Rafa would return to the negotiating table when the transfer window reopened in January and everyone fully expected a deal to be swiftly concluded.

West Ham, however, desperate to escape the relegation mire, fancied trying their luck and dangled a very tempting carrot in front of Neill. £60 thousand a week is quite a carrot! In fact, itís somewhere between two and three times what Liverpool were reportedly offering. According to Neill however, his love of carrots had nothing to do with his decision to choose the East London outfit over Champions League football and a late push for the title at Anfield. ĎAnyone who thinks I joined West Ham simply for money is way off the markí. Apparently, It was West Hamís determination to sign him, and Rafa Benitezís perceived reluctance that pushed him towards Alan Curbishleyís side. That combined with guaranteed first team football and West Hamís fantastic history, which on planet Neill is comparable to Liverpoolís 18 league titles and 5 European Cups.

I wonít be the first and nor shall I be the last person to suggest that there is something in Neillís claim - that his decision was neither motivated by money nor symptomatic of a lack of footballing ambition - that defies belief.  Neill was guaranteed first team football at Blackburn who lie eight places above West Ham in the table and are well within reach of a UEFA cup place. Mark Hughes had made Neill his captain. He was the teamís talisman and would have been adored by the fans had he only considered extending his contract at Ewood Park.  Arguably, Hughes wanted Neill to stay as much, if not more than West Ham desired him to come.

As for the claim that Rafa had not pursued Neil with sufficient fervour. He fought for his signature right up until midnight on deadline day, came back in for him in January, negotiated a deal with Blackburn and discussed personal terms with Neillís representatives. All this, however, lacked the personal touch that Neill was looking for, as he claimed last night that he might have signed for Liverpool, if only Rafa Benitez had bothered to pick up the phone. Even if we accept Neillís version of Liverpoolís perceived rejection (something that Rick Parry was quick to refute), it beggars belief that he joined West Ham for footballing reasons alone and that money had nothing to do with it.

"People have questioned why I signed for West Ham and not Liverpool but I don't understand that. Yes, Liverpool is a great club with a fantastic history but, equally, West Ham have produced people like Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters, Trevor Brooking and Billy Bonds over the years. If West Ham was good enough for those guys, then it's good enough for me.

"If people want to insult my decision to play for West Ham, then they are insulting some of the greatest players the game has produced, including the three men who led England to the World Cup in 1966."

So West Hamís glorious past is comparable to Liverpoolís because they produced one truly great player and four very good ones. They didnít win a lot, but they had some good players!  And apparently, itís an insult to these players to question Neillís decision to join their club. Had Neill decided to go and play for Blackpool for 60 grand a week, presumably it would be an insult to the great Stanley Matthews to suggest that he went there purely for the money!

But of course, this is a slightly unfair comparison. Blackpool arenít about to embark on a gargantuan shopping spree to rival that of Abramovichís Chelsea. According to Neill, West Hamís shopping list Ďblew him awayí. Well, of course weíre not privy to this information, but we can speculate as to who might be on this list by looking at who West Ham have been linked with since the transfer window opened three weeks ago. Thereís Mathew Upson, the rock at the heart of Birminghamís relegated defense. And thereís Ashley Young, The gifted forward whose goals havenít quite managed to lift Watford off the foot of the table.  Young has since rejected West Ham in favour of Aston Villa. Insert old head on Young shoulders pun here! We can only speculate as to who else may have been on this list. One thingís for certain. Having seen this list of players, Neill was so confident in West Hamís ability to avoid relegation that he had a clause inserted into his contract releasing him should the unthinkable happen and West Ham go down.

Like most fans, I canít quite bring myself to believe that money was not the prime motivating factor behind Neillís decision to snub Championsí League football in favour of a relegation struggle with West Ham. Maybe, he did feel rejected by Liverpool when they refused to come close to matching West Hamís offer. Itís a safe bet however, that had West Ham offered 30 grand, instead of 60, Lucas Neill would be a Liverpool player now, challenging Steve Finnan for a first team place. As it is, heíll probably be playing for Newcastle next season!

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