Spyin' Kop: Chelsea at Anfield (19/1/07)

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Well, here we are again and the season is getting interesting. Chelsea appear to be imploding and are desperate to prove that they are still worthy champions. Liverpool, consistent in the league needs to show that they can beat one of the other top four teams.

So many battles all over the pitch. Carragher and Drogba. Gerrard and Ballack. Kuyt and Carvaliho. Perhaps the most interesting being the ongoing tactical battle between Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho. Both single minded and in search of success for their team. It promises another memorable encounter.
Let battle commence.

Liverpool v Chelsea
Saturday, 20th January 2007
Kick Off: 12.45pm
Referee: Rob Styles

So, we keep singing about it. They keep defending it. Let’s have a look ...

CFC History

•   First Division/FA Premier League: 3 (1954-55, 2004-05, 2005-06)
•   Second Division/First Division/The Championship: 2 (1983-84, 1988-89)
•   FA Cup: 3 (1970, 1997, 2000)
•   League Cup: 3 (1965, 1998, 2005)
•   FA Charity Shield/Community Shield: 3 (1955, 2000, 2005)
•   Full Members Cup: 2 (1986, 1990)
•   UEFA Cup Winners' Cup: 2 (1971, 1998)
•   European Super Cup: 1 (1998)

I took a stroll down the virtual Kings Road to Chelseafc.com and hung around the back of the Shed and spoke with Chocky and FraserB.

How is the season shaping up for you?

Chocky: It has been a strange one so far. We are 2nd in the league, still in the running for 3 cups, unbeaten in 15 and we are apparently in crisis. Saturday is a massive and a proper indication on the minds of the team as to whether all of the off field stuff has affected them.

FraserB: Not bad. We’re in all the cups still and still looking like we can take the league. We’ll prove it on Saturday.


Chocky: I would be happy with overhauling Man Utd. Domestic cups are a bonus and the Holy Grail is the European Cup. Unless Ballack and Sheva start performing we will not win it though. We have a good chance in the domestic cups, but I’m not so hopeful in the league.

FraserB: League again please. The one we definitely need is the European Cup. It would show we are a major European force.

Best player?

Chocky: Essien by far. He is finally fulfilling the fee and reputation. He has played in 4 different positions and been man of the match in all.

FraserB: Drogba. He’s been amazing. Really come good this year and justified the fee. Scored some great goals, eh Scousers?


Chocky: Take your pick between Sheva and Ballack. I feel a bit sorry for Sheva because Mourinho did not want him and doesn’t play to his strengths. At least he tries, Ballack just strolls around. As they say you get nothing for free!

FraserB: Boularhouz. Looked out of his depth in the premiership. Not good enough

Transfer Targets?

Chocky: We desperately need a centre back as it’s clear to see when Terry gets injured. Gallas wanted to go (every season!) so they shouldn’t have let Huth go without cover. We can’t keep buying our way out of trouble. Ben Haim would be handy though as he knows the league.

FraserB: Centre back needed. No cover and it’s a waste to keep putting Essien back there.

Jose Staying?

Chocky: He needs to stay. You hate him we love him. He is spiky and courts controversy. The premiership would be dull without him though. I hope it’s sorted soon though as when you take on Roman there’s only one winner.

FraserB: Jose would be a massive loss to us and the premiership. I think he’ll stay until he wins the European Cup.

Thoughts on Liverpool?

Chocky: This was going to be the season you were going to challenge. You seemed to have bought well but they took a while to settle. Part from the cup you’re season is getting better and better. Rafa needs to stick with same spine. All the chopping and changing does not help. We know….we had Ranieri!

FraserB: Same as usual. Promise a lot and inconsistent. You’ve had some good runs but need to last the whole season.

Which Liverpool players do you rate?

Chocky: Has to be Gerrard. He is to you what Essien is to us. Heart and soul. He would have looked good in blue. I also like the look of Kuyt. He needs to be a regular starter. He works hard and has adapted well.

FraserB: Gerrard. Fantastic and runs the whole thing. I’ve always liked the look of Bellamy as well

Score prediction?

Chocky: 1-1
FraserB: 2-1 Chelsea

Over the line?

Chocky: It has to be the whole of the ball!!
FraserB: Do you have to ask? No chance!

My thanks to Chocky and FraserB for answering my questions and keeping it clean!

© cowlos 2007

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