Spyin' Kop: Arsenal at home in the 1/4 finals of the Carling Cup

Posted by Ashfordian on December 18, 2006, 12:47:57 PM


This is the first cup meeting in a short space of time between Liverpool and Arsenal. The second will obviously have more riding on it as it's The FA Cup but this fixture can put either side on the road back to Cardiff for one last time.

Liverpool come into the game on a run of good domestic form, banging in 11 goals in 3 games without reply. Arsenal come into the game off the back of two draws Vs Chelsea and Portsmouth.

We've taken a trip to Arsenal Mania (www.arsenal-mania.com) to get the views from RC8 and Stuart about the game. Thanks for answering the questions lads.

Spyin' Kop: Q: What sort of line-up will be put out against us? Will Wenger put a strong team out or send the ressies up?

RC8: Since we really need points in the league right now, and had a very difficult game on Saturday, I can't see us coming out with a full strength squad. We'll go out with some experienced players, but we will play many youngsters, maybe Song, Flamini, Aliadiere, and Senderos will play, and even Traore could get an appearence.

Stuart: i imagine wenger will start with a few more first teamers this time, we saw last year gainst wigan that he started playing the likes of van persie which is a sign that he wouldn't mind an extra trophy. im guessing that walcott will start this one and hopefully a few other young prospects, aliadiere will probably get a run too

Spyin' Kop: Q: Any young player(s) we should keep our eyes out for?

RC8: Our youngsters are so talented they are all in the first team or out on loan, so the young players you are prone to watch are the second fiddle crop. Flamini tends to score at important games, and don't underestimate Aliadiere if he plays. Although not exactly a young player, Baptista is probably going to start this game, and he might prove crucial for the result of this game if he plays well. He has a goalscoring instinct that could prove useful.

Stuart: walcott is the obvious one, denilson is a very good player but id say song will start ahead of him

Spyin' Kop: Q: With Thierry Henry out injured at the moment, who do you consider your most key player?

RC8: Adebayor, Toure, and Gilberto are our key players right now. While Ade is a threat upfront, Gilberto keeps the midfield together, and Toure gives us defensive stability. Fabregas is also very important, but I doubt he is going to play.

Stuart: fabregas and gilberto but they mightn't play so out of the likely starters id have to say senderos, liverpool will most likely have a stronger team out and so i expect them to be on top of us, we need big phil back at his best to keep the young team confident

Spyin' Kop: Q: What are your expectations for the Carling Cup? Another chance to win a trophy or aren't you bothered if you go out?

RC8: When I saw we had to play at Anfield I thought we should play to win, but since we have to play at Anfield as well in the FA Cup then I'm not really bothered about this game, we'll have a more important, yet identical cup fixture soon that should be given priority over this one.

Stuart: yes another chance to win a trophy but i don't really care if we do go out. it is always nice to beat liverpool mind you

Spyin' Kop: Q: Which Liverpool player will you fear the most if they're selected?

RC8: I'm not really sure, but I guess Marc Gonzales is dangerous, and so are Gerrard and Kuyt. It all depends on which line-up we come out with, if we have weak full backs then Marc is a serious threat, if we have weak centre backs then Kuyt will be very dangerous, and if we have a weak defensive mid then Gerrard could be very effective. That is, of course, if any of those is selected.

Stuart: would have to say kuyt, he is a super player and could cause havoc in an inexperienced defence, do you think he will start?

Spyin' Kop: Q:You've drawn PSV in the Champions league, happy with that and how far do you think you can go this season?

RC8: If our players are up for it then we have nothing to worry about, it will all depend on how defensively stable we are when we play them. If we get a good win and regain our CL confidence then I think we can go very far, if we just scrap it then I don't fancy our chances this year.

Stuart: very happy with psv, not so bad we get complacent but not so good that we can't beat them comfortbaly, im confident again this year in the champions league, we gained great experience last year and we are to produce are best this season in europe, have to admit though i think Chelsea will nick it

Spyin' Kop: Q: And finally, care to predict the score?

RC8: 1-0 To The Arsenal!

Stuart: im going with 2-1 liverpool

Thanks again for answering the questions, we wish you a Merry Christmas and New year from all at RAWK.

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