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Posted by RAWK Editor on December 1, 2005, 05:39:57 PM

Liverpool is a club which values its traditions.  Whether it's players touching the sign in the tunnel or supporters on the Kop clapping the opposition keeper, these are part of the heritage that will help the next generation understand what Liverpool Football Club is all about. 

With a history as proud as ours it's not surprising that we revere the past.  The win in Istanbul however, was just the latest reminder that our honours and traditions are growing all the time.  With an historic fifth European title added to the haul it's time that Liverpool supporters look to celebrate our unique status in British football.  What better way than to take an old tradition and re-imagine it?

The banners of the Kop are famous throughout football.  From 'Joey ate the Frog Legs' to 'Carradonna', the wit and fervour of the banner makers of Liverpool has followed and celebrated the club on it's travels.  There's ample proof on the terraces that the skill and ingenuity of the individual fan knows no bounds, but support can be a communal activity as much as an individual one, so what might we achieve if we pool our resources?

Such was the thinking behind the Kop banner project.  Born in the aftermath of Istanbul, this is an attempt to create a unique surfing style flag of a size and scale comparable with those brandished on the terraces of Italy, but also to complement existing traditions such as the giant LFC Club Crest flag that can be seen at home games. In the Kop, we have the perfect backdrop for a banner that celebrates the European resurgence of Liverpool Football Club.

The LFC banner project has been conceived, managed and funded by Liverpool supporters; it's an entirely independent initiative, although the club has been consulted to ensure that safety concerns are properly addressed.  The design process for the inaugural production has seen the input of scores of talented Liverpool supporters.  The final design incorporates our Liverbird symbol in a new guise.  The aloof bird has awakened and casts a protective claw over the greatest prize in club football.  Below you can see a scaled down version of the artwork.

To make a banner of the scale and quality envisaged is no simple matter.  We've been staggered by the offers of help and advice that have already been made available, but this is still a big task.  Even with the generous support of Liverpool supporting suppliers of the material and printing, there are still significant costs to be met. So we're asking for your help. There's no prize associated with this donation, all we can offer is the opportunity for you to look at the banner when it's finished, and know that you had a part in making something special.

If we can make this happen, there's no reason why the production of unique banners shouldn't become a regular activity at Anfield.  A way of announcing afresh our support for a club that's different.  A new tradition to hand on to the next people lucky enough to follow the greatest team in England, sorry, Europe!

The LFC banner project is solely funded by individual contributions from Liverpool fans all over the world. A PayPal account has been set up to maintain the fund, with administration being performed by 3 volunteers. Two of these are part of the administration team from the Red & White Kop website, the 3rd is an independent volunteer.
If you would like to make a donation to support the LFC banner project, please use the button or link below:

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