Round Table Swansea 3-1 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on May 1, 2016, 02:02:48 PM

Well lets be honest, that was shit.

There was no attitude, a sleepy lacklustre performance from the men in red and who is remotely surprised. I am not condoning any of the players here but we all know that the team for Thursday was unlikely to be changed by anyone's actions on the field today.

Those players (Coutinho for eg) who know they'll be playing on Thursday spent the match trying to avoid injury.
Those players (most of the rest) who know they won't be playing couldn't be arsed.

The shame of it for me is a sense of pride in playing in a Liverpool shirt, it should mean something, and there should be at the very least a sense of professionalism if nothing else, the tens of thousands of pounds you get paid should strike a chord inside you that makes you try a little bit.


Ward had a good game, Clyne was ok, and er that's me done. Lazy passing on a horrible surface will never get you anywhere. As soon as the team realised it was slick and greasy they should've woken up and been crisp and alert but no, the entire team have been hooked up on Horlicks and Valium for their breakfast.

Lazy bastards.

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