RAWK Round Table Liverpool 4-0 Everton

Posted by Hinesy on April 21, 2016, 10:22:26 AM

Well, that was nice wasn't it.

At times in the first half I wondered if they would sneak a goal and we'd be frustrated and then I remembered we don't do that as much anymore and then bang two goals in two minutes, the sort of goals we give away for free with our defence.

It should've been 8-0 and I imagine Lallana has been forgiven for his woeful chance in the first half when clean through but apart from that, I can't think of a better team for that to happen to, apart from Utd and anyone we're playing next.

Question 1: Is Sturridge and Coutinho bessie mates or not? Him trying to claim Philip's goal and a few times after that where they ignored each other with simple passes made me wonder if Daniel's innate selfishness (that all good strikers seem to have) rubs the wrong way against Coutinho.

Question 2: Have we seen the start of Lovren (finally and happily) and the end of Skrtel (finally and sadly)

Question 3: Is Joe Allen becoming a semi super sub now?

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