Round Table LFC 1-1 THFC

Posted by Hinesy on April 3, 2016, 10:03:50 PM

I though at times we looked like Spurs and at times they looked a bit like us.

It was a great game to watch if you're a neutral (how? how can you seriously be 'neutral' bollocks) but ultimately we should've taken the 3 points, margins and inches and ust past the posts and all that.

Sturridge at times bewliders with consumate ease and at times looks like Henchoz after a 4 mile run chasing an ice cream van. Mignolet looked more assured than of late, our defence shouldn't have let Kane turn like that but hey we've all seen Suarez and Sturridge do the same and Coutinho's dive: I expect better, but his goal and movement: lovely.

All in all another game and another set of toothy grins from our manager. What the real fuck is he thinking tho?

Answers on a postcard

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