Still no sign of Liverpool fan missing in Crete

Posted by Armin on October 24, 2005, 04:08:24 PM

Many of you will have been following the story of Steven Cook, the member of YNWA and RAWK forums who disappeared 8 weeks ago.  We've been touched by the offers of help we've recieved from both other football fans in the UK and also the wonderful Olympiakos supporters from Gate 7 and other Greek communities.  If you'd like to review progress so far you read the posts on the Rawk thread here or by visiting who have ran a tireless and determined campaign, both to highlight Steven's case and to raise much needed funds and support for the Cook family.

We want to ensure that Steven's case isn't forgotten and to that end we're reproducing the following update from YNWA.TV.  We'd like to invite our members to submit the text to other forums that they visit and to take a moment to familiarise themselves with the details of the case.  You never know whether someone you know may have the answers which Steven's family needs.

As the search for Steven goes into its 8th week, the family still have not given up hope that they will bring him home.

Although the information generated from the Greek television programme 'The light at the end of the tunnel' has not yet led to anything conclusive, the show ran another appeal on Friday 14th October and they will continue to be a keen supporter of the Cook family's search for their beloved son, brother and uncle.  During the 7th week of Steve's disappearance his parents, Norman and Pat flew out to Crete to see for themselves the area in which Steve vanished.

As part of their search to find their son, Steve's parents have travelled to every hospital on the island and have also followed up another potential line of enquiry that Steve may have been taken to a psychiatric hospital as a result of him having had his drink spiked. After searching the psychiatric hospital, with assistance from the British embassy and Greek police, this potential cause of events has largely been discounted by the family.

Norman and Pat have also assisted the police in searching abandoned houses in a town called Amnissos near the Iraklion airport but sadly to no avail.
Despite them still having now firm clues as to Steve's whereabouts the family remain extremely upbeat and positive.

"After all of this time if something bad had happened to Steve he would have been found given the fact it's a tourist resort and well populated throughout most of the year" Says Tony, Steve's brother, " We have also seen with our own eyes that the terrain is very dry and tough, for example all of the graves in Crete are above ground, so this gives us hope that he is out there, alive, and we just need to locate him. He would have been found by now if this wasn't the case."

Tony continues "We can also largely discount the fact that he has gone into the sea of his own will, not only because he was a good kilometre or two way from it, or even allowing for the fact that none of us in the family are particularly water lovers, but mainly because he would have turned up by now due to the tidal currents around the islands".

Although the family are understandably frustrated that they have no further clues to Steve's whereabouts they vow to never give up their hunt for their much loved brother and son. The memories of Steve's trip to the champions league final in Istanbul and the words to the Liverpool FC anthem, You'll never walk alone, are testament to this according to Chris, Steve's eldest brother.

“At half time, when we were losing 3-0 to Milan Steve just turned to me, grasped me by my shoulder and looking me hard in the eye and simply said 'believe! believe!' and now those words carry more meaning than anything. You can never give up or think of anything as a hopeless cause"

"Steve will know that we are searching for him and none of us will give up in our mission to find him because we truly believe that we'll all be a family once more. It's just a matter of time"

"Of course, we are coming to a period where there may be little value or practical use in our being over in Crete, having done everything we can, yet despite the thousands of miles that separate us we all know that Steve doesn't walk alone".

"Steve will know that too".

You can donate to the 'Find Steven Fund' via paypal to the email address: All money donated will help ease the burden on the family in their cost of looking for Steve, thanks,

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