RAWK Round Table MUFC 1-1 LFC (Agg 1-3) Europa League

Posted by Hinesy on March 17, 2016, 10:45:47 PM

Perhaps one of the few pleasures left to us fans of a nervous disposition, especially when playing Utd, is the knowledge that a European Ref doesn't bother with Fergie time, not that anyone gives Van Gaal time, certainly not the Utd board on display's like last week's. So I could almost finally relax when up came 2 extra minutes and they needed to score 3.
Happy fucking days indeed.

The most lovely thing of the two ties was not our dominance in the first leg, that reminded me of the one face of Klopp's Liverpool, but I'd seen that face before; no, it was tonight's defensive performance, especially from Sahko who though gangly of leg, is becoming a Carragher in his own right, little by little. Sure he has a long way to go and big boots to fill, but blimey the team played with an assured swagger that didn't look like our recent defences. Is slowly but surely Herr Klopp getting the defence strong? Who knows, but tonight we looked like a European team of class and Utd, though they played better, (they couldn't do much worse) they still rarely threatened to alarm.

Fellani is still one of their most important players and shouldn't have been on the pitch in my view but apart from he, Martial and De Gea, they are a side who present no fear, and still have that graceless attitude instilled in them by Sir A of F.

Firmino frustrated me tonight and Coutinho threatened to, too. Witness the two tweets from Jamie Carragher, 15 mins apart, one berating Philip for a terrible choice of ball, then the next, "All is forgiven you little Brazilian f*****r". If that goal had been taken by Messi, social media would've melted.

I'm delighted because the match mattered and I'm delighted because we could've folded a little under their early pressure but we grew in stature and control and I'm delighted because over two legs we fucked 'em. I really still don't like that team and that's why I'm smiling tonight.

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