Round Table LFC 3-0 Manchester City

Posted by Hinesy on March 4, 2016, 05:38:16 PM

What a difference a day (or 3) makes. My abiding thought about this match is why the fuck couldn't they have played like this on Sunday.
Still, lovely to watch us at work, and to see when Klopp's orders are followed and executed properly, they work against teams like these.

I thought Can was again good, I thought Flanno and Clyne both had a good game and I thought Toure was outstanding, reminiscent of Carra at times with his proper defending.

Firmino still divides opinion in the Hinesy household. But at least his haircut isn't as bad as bloody Sterling's, whose is still so bad it merits mentioning in two round tables. Firmino needs to be more consistent yet it was interesting he was preferred to Coutinho and Sturridge, both who weren't used at all. Milner had a proper game, stamping his authority on the match, but I wish he had taken that control last week too. hey ho.

You could see where City wanted to play, down the right hand side and in groups of 3's, quick passing and little passes but it didn't work out for them, and Adam's goal was so ridiculous and unexpected it took them more than us by surprise. I think that enormously shaped the game, making them attack and letting us strike back.

Any thoughts apart from it looked like two different teams several days apart?

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