Round Table: League Cup Final.

Posted by Hinesy on February 29, 2016, 09:27:11 AM


there endeth my tactical analysis of a match that was there for the taking by either team.

All our positives and all our faults were there on display yesterday for all to see. City should've put it to bed with Young Master Sterling and his 1872 mutton chops. Is he on a bet to have the silliest hair and beard combo in the world or something? Anyway they didn't, and we couldn't either.

When we pass quickly and go forward with speed we are dangerous and often slick and lovely to watch.
Lucas had a fantastic game for me yesterday. Although he's clearly on a mission to give away a free kick in a dangerous position int he last 2 mins of any match he plays in that position. But we looked actually more solid and less fragile with him there.
The goalie. (see also negatives)
Coutinho's vision is a joy to watch. He would (sadly) wreck havoc if he played for Barca or someone like that, I feel for him having certain teammates around him.
Can. had a good game.

I've got to be honest and say Henderson does my nut in. I've often thought and said I think his quick/instant decision making skills are severely lacking, when he has to pass quickly its invariably backwards, into a dead end or the wrong pass. Yesterday was a perfect example of this. He constantly passed backwards, or stopped, took a few touches and moved it sideways. Like a rabbit in the headlights. He has his skills but a)that ain't one of them so don't play him there and b) He's not a little Gerrard. He's not a captain of Liverpool. I'm not that sure how much authority he has. There are times when I really like him but he's a younger Milner in some respects, not a younger playmaker dictating the match.
The goalie (see positives)

And this point, which sort of weighs most heavily on me. I'm not entirely sure we had a big game plan out there yesterday. I couldn't see a thought through process that said beyond pressing high, (which didn't happen so much either) that there was a clear strategy for moving the ball forward at speed to get the most of Sturridge and Coutinho. The amount of times Sturridge came really deep for the ball or was out wide meant we frequently deviod of reds in their box. Frustrating. Granted City defended well and in numbers, but I'm guessing Herr Klopp is almost biding his time as it were, before having a clean out and/or bringing in a wise old head to settle us. Oh for a Kompany or Toure the Younger yesterday.

Anyway penalties was a shambles. I honestly think the team thought we've won them all before, lets let anyone have a shot and a piss about before we try and break the net with an old fashioned blast.

hey ho.

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