Round Table Aston Villa 0-6 LFC

Posted by Hinesy on February 15, 2016, 12:37:40 PM

that'll teach you to beat us in a semi final of a cup...

A week is long time in politics but two or three days is massive in football.  Granted Villa weren't great, but at least of 3 of our goals were sublime, Coutinho's cross was astonishing in its speed, it just kind of floated over and hung about a bit waiting for Daniel to head it in, whereas Toure's goal was like watching your dad on Ninja Warrior, stand there and don't get knocked over...

We're a shower of bastards when we lose, witness the endless I-told-you-so's on here after a loss/draw. I don't see many of them here today loving the scene.

I felt sorry for Benteke, coming on earlier would've done him a world of good, otherwise I kind of thought like the Norwich game, what can we learn from such a victory?

1. We're a better team with a good striker in it.
2. Coutinho's good isn't he.
3. Er that's it.

What have I missed?

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