Round Table: Norwich 4 Liverpool 5

Posted by Corkboy on January 24, 2016, 10:13:02 PM

On Round Table threads, we are supposed to be the posting equivalent of wise overseers, judiciously considering the events of the game from a respectful distance, nodding sagely and telling true things. We post in here trying to distil matters, to make some sense of a match, perhaps to learn something or pierce the after game fog with brilliant shafts of perspicacity. Sometimes, it falls to us to check the emotions, to rest a calming hand on the racing pulse of the site.

And then you get a game like that, a festival of incompetence, where we may as well write down some thoughts on little pieces of paper and then stuff them in our mewling gobs and spew them out like moist confetti, for all the good it will do. How are we to make sense of that? How is one to prevail on such a thing, to find some alignment or pattern in a box of drunk bees? It was a nonsense game, a jabberwocky of a contest put here (and this is my theory) to mock us, to guffaw at our aspirations. We thought we could analyse our team's performances. Analyse that.

We played shit, for the most part, and scored five goals. A corner may as well be a penalty against us right now. If there is a way for two centre halves and two midfielders to arrange themselves in such a manner as to not block a shot, despite the ball travelling within whisker distance of all four, well damn it, that's what we'll do. Why? Because fuck you. Think you have the points after normal time? Let us just concede then, make things interesting before going back up and poxing another one in, some tennis, a shitty clearing header and a demented stab into the turf. Seriously. I know we've always been about drama in this club, but seriously. That was nuts. That was a batshit game, a Sarah Palin speech of a game, a specimen of chaos theory.

The three points are nice, though.

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