Round Table: Liverpool 0 Manchester Utd 1

Posted by Corkboy on January 18, 2016, 12:04:21 PM

I had a few options here.

I could have gone with the easy choice, pick a few of the more challenged posts from the regular post game thread, ridicule them a little, pontificate about maintaining some perspective, and so on. These are the same players who scored six against whoever, whenever, show some loyalty, this is not who we are, you know the drill.

Or I could have plumped for the match analysis option, De Gea being MOTM, we had more shots, more tackles, more passes, I swear we could have had four on another day, we made them look terrible, and then one shot on target and the points are theirs, the injustice of it, sure isn't football a funny old game all the same?

What about the injury blight? Missing Coutinho, Sturridge, hell Danny Ings would have slotted home a few, no doubt in my mind. Lovren would have wrapped up Fellaini, wouldn't he? Eh?


There is a hierarchy of results for most football clubs and we are not much different. Away win, home win. Away draw, home draw. Away loss, home loss. Then we have a special little category just below those, entitled "home loss to them". And there we sit.

There is no redemption for you here, no silver lining, no moral victory. This was a result to be wrapped up in shitty brown paper, taken out into the middle of the road, set alight and then pissed on. Fuck that game, and fuck those fucking fuckers.

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