Round Table: Liverpool 3 Arsenal 3

Posted by Corkboy on January 14, 2016, 02:40:37 PM

Wasn't that something?

We started like whirling dervishes, all snarl and bite, snapping into the fronts and backs of them in a synchronous stylee. The first goal was no more than we deserved, and Firmino, our tough tackling striker, took it like a man for whom scoring one goal in 20 games was some sort of aberration, an injustice to be set to rights.

And then we gave them a goal.

Happily, we took that as an insult, albeit self inflicted, and set about tormenting them again, with Henderson losing the ball, regaining it, losing it and clattering into the impressive Campbell, whose part in our second goal was terribly unfortunate, in light of his overall display. The ball was slipped to Firmino by Milner, and Roberto again belied his stats by taking a deft touch and curling one past Cech, top right hand corner, pick that one out, pal.

And then we gave them another goal.

After that, we contrived to give Giroud his best chance of the game, ball in front of him along with a gaping net but he somehow managed to shovel it into Mignolet's grateful hands. Mignolet being Mignolet, he couldn't hold it but someone hoofed it clear.

Half time came and went, the game settled down a little, but we continued to have more possession, more chances, more passes. Mesut Ozil, the assist machine, was nowhere to be seen but Can's influence also waned. Maybe a German thing. In any case, Bellerin crunched Milner, leaving the Stakhanovite midfielder prone on the turf, and bowled into the box to feed Giroud who finished with a cute turn and shot, and if at this point, you were having Arshavin flashbacks, you were not alone.

At this point, we interrupt our scheduled review to note that Rafa was in the crowd. Rarararafa Benitez.

Our current manager had to act, and he did, bringing on Benteke, Allen and finally Caulker, and how pleased he must have been that our equaliser involved two, if not three of them. With Caulker occupying someone or other, Benteke finally got his head on one, and Joe Allen arrived in the box for a ball which seemed to take an age to descend, but which eventually did. Allen guided a first time volley low down past Cech and the stands went wild.

I don't know, folks. Arsenal were table toppers going into last night but a home draw is never a satisfactory result. We looked a very good side and we gave away at least two if not three soft goals. Mind you, I bet Arsenal weren't too happy with their defence either.  When you're a goal down with minutes on the clock, a draw feels like a win but it's not. It's great to see Firmino getting goals but not so much to see Mignolet kneeing them in. We can be utterly dominant and invitingly accommodating, a dizzying array of paradoxical football.

At least it's entertaining....

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