Round Table: Liverpool 1 - 0 Leicester

Posted by John C on December 27, 2015, 10:05:27 AM

The madness of how this yearís league is emerging, together with our self-inflicted trepidation meant most people walked out of the ground gratefully relieved and fully refreshed.

It wasn't just the return of the flags or that we were playing the league leaders, nor was it pre-game festive bevs that buoyed an exuberant Anfield crowd. I suspect it had more to do with the ongoing rallying call from our manager and perhaps finally a sense of guilt and realisation by the crowd that we must do better. And we did, at times the atmosphere was electric.
Many will suggest, not wrongfully, that it still wasn't quite matched on the pitch as Liverpoolís toil struggled to prevail productively during the first half despite some domination. But as bizarre as the situation may seem we should be really happy that we kept a clean sheet and 3-points, secured against the worthy leaders, Leicester City, that have beaten teams for fun so far this year.
So far this has been a ridiculously unpredictable and more significantly an unrecognisably tough league to play in and our own erratic performances contribute. But like it or not, we were under a test that our captain stood up to. He was immense in many ways.

Fortunately Leicester didnít really trouble us like weíve seen them in recent weeks, yet they defended as solid as necessary against a stuttering Liverpool. We still lack that cutting edge, something special, even a bit of the Coutinho magic. Iím unsure why him and Moreno donít link down the left like they use to quite effectively to create trouble and distract defenders. Iím surprised Firminho lasted most of the distance despite his gorgeous involvement in the goal and Iíd be troubled if people demand adulation for him based on that one move alone. But thatís just opinions on football.
Besides giving a silly foul away in the second half Lovren contributed effectively and competently. He angled himself brilliantly to head a ball out for a throw-in rather than a corner which may have put us under pressure. It was an amazing header. Astonishingly it was his partner, Sakho who lost his coolness throughout the game. He was wonderfully dominant in the air, but his control and passing imo was awful.

The highlight for me was Origi, he didnít resemble the lad that first joined the side who seemed unsure about his role and ability. His endeavor is becoming as big as his stature and we were gutted when he was sprawled on the deck then went straight down the tunnel with injury. His replacement Benteke did ok and delivered that desperately needed winner. Although Iím not entirely happy with how we are using him, he does have a habit of scoring the odd goal when we need him to doesnít he? Like with BR though, we still seem to be throwing pointless balls to his head which are neither controlled nor capitalised upon. But Iím certain Jurgen will resolve that.
I donít want to appear unappreciative about the win, or faultfinding rather than positive, but you can often gauge how Liverpool played from the chatter as you walk down the steps and exit the vicinity of the ground. Moreover than Bentekes failure to hit an open goal, much of the discussion continued to be about what we lack rather than what we have. But thatís not something we didnít already know.
We owe a massive thank you to the Leicester fans for their ďArhhhh youíre shit aahhĒ (or whatever the fuck it is) when Mignolet took a goal kick. It gave us a much needed, huge collective laugh. Itís not often we all giggle together and I think we chortled at them so hard they felt embarrassed for their woolness and the next effort was a timid version. At least there was no songs about signing on or such shite.

So ok, back to the not so new but increasingly frustrating elephant in the room. Leaving early. And itís not because its Boxing Day and you long to be embraced by your Ďarl Aunty whose pungent smell of old fashioned perfume packs your nostrils as she lands one on your cheek . Assuming it saves 10 mins to get out of the ground and 5 mins in traffic going home, please enlighten me what the fuck do you do with those precious 15 minutes when you get home? What is so important in your gaff that makes you want to or need to miss the last 3 or 5 vital minutes of a complete football game?
I hope next month your fucking workplace payroll officers go home 5 minutes early  :)

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