Round Table: Watford 3 Liverpool 0

Posted by Corkboy on December 21, 2015, 01:23:31 PM

One month ago today, the following team with the following manager crushed Man City 4 1 away.


Mignolet Clyne Skrtel Lovren Moreno Milner Lucas Can Lallana Firmino Coutinho

Yesterday, the following team with the following manager lost 3 0 away to Watford.


Bogdan Clyne Skrtel Sakho Moreno Henderson Lucas Can Lallana Firmino Coutinho

Here are some selected quotes from the regular post match thread.


Half the players need binning.

We need such a clear out.

Awful awful players we have.

We need 2 new centre halves and more - no quality or class in the middle of the park either.

I'll be happy to see the back of most of these players.

We are a poor team.

Total shite across the team, and sadly, we need another 'clear out' of players.

These are not Liverpool players but Southampton, Villa, Lille, Sunderland, Hoffenheim, Bolton players in a Liverpool shirt.

We have been a little uneven since the new manager came in but the raw materials are quite obviously there. In addition, this league has become very strange this season, with "small" teams like Watford, Leicester and Palace doing extremely well, while "big" clubs like Chelsea are underperforming.

Give the players and the manager a chance. Let's see where are at the end of the season. Or, y'know, we could behave like Chelsea fans, or Mancs, and boo and jeer and call for heads to roll, like the classless fucks they are.

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