Round Table: Southampton 1 - Liverpool SIX. Everybody's talking about us.

Posted by Jaron on December 4, 2015, 04:31:10 PM

"I said to Sturridge after the game: 'Now I know what everybody is talking about, so thank you!'"

Our manager might have been referring to his first experience of seeing our lethal No15 in the flesh, but I suspect a lot of people that night may well have been saying exactly the same thing about the whole team. Ah, NOW we see what the hype is all about.

Yes, we've had some spectacular wins at Man City and Chelsea recently, but many had qualified our performances, eager to point out how "badly" our opponents had played. Perhaps that's fair comment, after all, the Reds have been far from consistent performers, struggling to impose themselves in every game played at Anfield this season. Five weeks ago, one of those games was against Southampton. This tie was a chance to see what we'd learned.

On paper, we fielded a weaker team. Mignolet, Clyne, Milner, Sakho and Coutinho either injured or rested. In their place some players from the fringes, Connor Randall making his 2nd ever start, Joe Allen who seemed to have fallen well down the midfield pecking order. And up front, Divock Origi who'd looked well out of his depth when the teams met a month ago, managing just 10 ineffectual touches before he was withdrawn at half time (

It's always interesting to hear the opposition view, so here's the match highlights from the Saints official site:

Dressed in ninja black, we ghosted past them, overwhelming them.

So, seven goals, seven talking points.

GOAL ONE - Could do better?

Just 40 seconds in, a deep Betrand cross, Mané scores. Groan.
20 seconds into the post-match press conference ( you can hear what the boss thinks of it. "Everything was wrong", he says, "everyone [will ask] what was Alberto doing, but there were 25 faults before!"
A failure of Randall and Can to hustle Tadic, or to get tighter and cut out Betrand's cross? Or a failure of the centre backs to attack the incoming cross? Most of the goals we've conceded recently seem be from crosses - how can we improve that?

GOAL TWO - the Welsh Xavi?

Origi chips the ball down the line to Allen, who lobs the ball over the last man for Danny to run on to. An exceptional finish.
What did you think about the performance of Joe Allen? Was this one of his best performances for us? He's built up a bit of a reputation for short sideways passes, is this a sign he's establishing the confidence to be more ambitious?

GOAL THREE - Emre Zidane?

Lallana nips the ball to Can, who back-heels into space and chips a beautiful ball with the outside of his foot into the path of the onrushing Sturridge. First time shot. Get in.
Are we creating better chances because we're moving the ball quicker under the new boss? Did Rodgers' team have a tendency to take a few touches when we got near the box? And how good was that pass?

GOAL FOUR - John Arne Moreno?
Randall wins a corner, knocked out Moreno, he smashes it in, Origi with the merest flick.
Nice to see Randall involved in the build up, recovered well from an awkward start, didn't he? And another energetic performance by Alberto - a player overlooked at the start of the season remember, have you been impressed?

GOAL FIVE - Youth Product
Allen feeds Ibe, who turns playmaker with a perfect pass to Origi. Hit first time, rockets into the net.
What did you think of Origi? How does he compare to say Utd's Martial, another 20 year old newcomer with a similar record in Ligue 1? And Ibe's pass was the 3rd through-ball of the night, is Klopp's philosophy that everyone should be playmakers?

GOAL SIX - Benteke would be proud

Backheel from Origi releases Moreno, Ibe chests down his cross and hammers home.
Can Ibe become a goal threat? Can Origi become a creative force? We often see Alberto charging up the line, but is he a good crosser too?

GOAL SEVEN - Final flourish
Lovren chips elegantly into space for Brad Smith to run onto, his perfect cross nodded home by Origi. On the touchline, even the boss is impressed.
Who says Lovren can't pass? What were your impressions of newboys Smith and Randall? Now he's off the mark, what kind of games would you expect to see Origi play in this season?

So, over to you folks... what did you make of the game?

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