Round Table: Rubin Kazan 0 - Klopp's Liverpool 1

Posted by BabuYagu on November 6, 2015, 03:31:37 PM

This was a classic European Home team vs Away team performance if ever I saw one. Liverpool, on this occassion decided to play the part of the home team. Rubin played the part of the away team, not that they had any choice in the matter at all.

Since Klopp decided to move us away from a possession based game, we are now keeping possession of the football more than at any time under Rodgers. Wait, What? You see under Rodgers, our problem was actually getting the ball back or stopping opponents from hurting us with it. So while Klopp isn´t focusing much right now on how we use the ball in training, the simple fact that the opposition cannot keep the ball away from us means our possession numbers are steadily climbing. So much so that at one point, the Kazan fans were celebrating their team just being able to touch the ball. Way to go Rubin Kazan!!!

So my talking points are:-
1. Running in behind - is it just me or are we seeing this now a LOT more often? And we seem a lot more penetrating as a result.
2. Jordan Ibe - Did those flashes of form returning just become a blinding light tonight?
3. Clyne - our new attacking right back?
4. The most controlling performance we have seen since the days of Rafa?
5. Skrtel - our new DM destroyer? :D

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