Round Table LFC 1-1 Southampton

Posted by Hinesy on October 26, 2015, 12:40:07 PM

Southampton often cause us grief at Anfield, they're no pushover and Ronald has set them up nicely to play well when allowed. The frustration for us is clear to see and sense, the whole of the crowd almost expected an equalizer and its important the crowd as well as the players learn to lose the fear.

My concern watching this game was a recurring one. All too frequently most of the team expect one man to change the game and the rest will play around him til it happens. Be that Gerrard or Suarez, it now appears to be Coutinho and if he doesn't play well, we get stuck.

There still seems a good deal of space between defence and forward attack, the midfield at times aren't 'flooding' forward and for all the pressing, we still are finding our feet when it comes to converting possession to swift attack.

Also I was interested to see what fatigue does to a player. In the case of Can, its Can't Play.

So, are we moving apace, anew and forwards under Herr Klopp or would we still be here under Brendan?

Meantime Sakho eh.. better and better for me. Bless.

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