LFC 1-1 Norwich Round Table

Posted by Hinesy on September 21, 2015, 01:44:54 PM

In the post match interview, Brendan said his job was all about leadership.
I used to have a boss who surrounded himself with inexperienced idiots so that he maintained control and looked better than everyone else. Sadly that way is the sinking ship.
How often have we suggested that a certain Mr G. Mac. get on the pitch and play instead of sitting at the sidelines looking like a Right Said Fred tribute act who've won a day out at Anfield?

This is the frustration and continuing worry for me with our current team. Suarez's season masked the deficiencies of a tiring Gerrard, and weakened defence, but it sort of came true last season. And we blamed it (partly fairly) on Sturridge being injured and Mario being rubbish. But now Gerrard has gone, where's the leadership on the field? Did Gerrard's presence stifle any other wise head from piping up, or even any player needing to take a decision. It was made for you as it were.

Now Henderson is injured, and I doubt his quick reaction decision making skills, but blimey if we're depending on him to lead us, then its leading us nowhere fast. Milner perhaps? Not on yesterdays' form.

Once we'd scored we didn't really know what to do except try and do that again. Not a bad tactic. But depending on Coutinho for inspiration isn't always going to work. Too many independently minded players trying to shoot. Granted Rodgers had said take more risks, but once we went 1-1, it was inevitable in some ways.

The positives again were Ings and the formation with Sturridge and Benteke, admittedly it was Norwich, but we looked dangerous on the attack. However there is really no-one in the middle of the park, watching, playmaking, judging the match, and whilst Lucas played very well but that isn't his game.

This result brought us no nearer solving the problems in any respect. At least we're above Chelsea.

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