Round table: Firmino the next piece in the puzzle

Posted by DanA on June 26, 2015, 06:22:34 PM

I thought a longer winded thread in the form of a round table might work so please no one line posts.

Firmino is the 2nd major signing that you'd expect to walk into the starting lineup. Another hard working and versatile player with experience in a number of different positions for club and country. And it's interesting to note that despite reputation Firmino at 6' and 76kg is around 6cm taller and 6kg heavier than Milner, so he's not as diminutive as many think. He's a player who is quick (but not Sterling quick) and is always moving, pushing the tempo of the game. In the Milner thread there was quite a bit of debate over what Rodgers was looking to do. It seems apparent to me that Rodgers is looking to further the pressing game we employed after Christmas and that was so successful in 2013/14. Both Milner and Firmino bring that and for me it's exactly what I want to see. I still think Rodgers has a lot of options in regards to formation but more and more I am liking the idea of a 4-4-2 diamond.


  Clyne           Skrtel            Sakho         Moreno
(Wisdom)       (Toure)         (Lovren)          (??)


                Milner               Henderson
               (Allen)               (Coutinho)


                Sturridge          Firmino
                  (Origi)              (Ings)

Obviously there is some debate over who starts and the position they start in but something like this feels the most natural fit. Sturridge on the shoulder keeps the opposition defense in two minds on whether to push up onto Firmino or dropping back,  Firmino primarily dropping in between the lines will create some great interplay with Coutinho, and when out of possession Firmino is at the forefront of our pressing game.  I can see some great combination play that attacking trio of Sturridge, Firmino and Coutinho. The worry I suppose is lack of goals but I think if Firmino can get double figures and Sturridge or the new striker can play at as a 20 goal a season striker then we should be well positioned. There's other ways to setup in this formation too, I think Firmino as the no.10 and Coutinho push into a deeper CM role works, that allows room for another high profile striker...either option looks good to me.

1. Where do you see Firmino primarily playing, is this the right thing to do?
2. Will Rodgers vary things as much as this season (or create a more predictable side)
3. What type of formation will we use, how successful do you see it being?
4. What are the strengths, weaknesses and potential threats to your proposed Firmino setup?

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