End of season round table debate (*)

Posted by Hinesy on May 24, 2015, 06:06:40 PM

This was written after the last game of the season

My simple question is this: Is Brendan the right manager for the job?

This last game, irrespective of when it came, is significant. Scores like that aren't simply a bad day at the office. But was it players not playing well, or badly set up? Were they 'on holiday' or were they actually making a point by not playing for the manager? Has he lost a dressing room?

My thoughts are this, based on simple logic: I can't believe every player on that pitch dislikes Rodgers, and/or won't 'play' for him. Also we lost out on the Europa slot, and I think footballers want to play in Europe. Some of them may even have bonus contracts for European football. Also professional pride must surely set in. And maybe even if one or two don't like him, apart from Gerrard, there are no natural leaders on that pitch. Henderson isn't one. The rest are not 'heavyweight' enough. Possibly Lucas and Skrtel are the two longest serving but its not that.

So what then? Can was terrible in defence today yet he's played there often now and not been that bad. In fact I'm fairly sure that team has played together before and not been that lacklustre, even if not the exact line up then close enough. Stoke always give is a good game and a couple of goals were defence nonsense but I think there was a definite lack of vim, energy, momentum, in the side.
There was no recognised striker, and a light weight feel to the midfield but we lack a Hamann anyway, and Stoke made us pay.

Henderson really needs to improve his quick instant reaction thought process, his intelligence isn't good enough to see the best pass at speed. So he needs to play somewhere where he has more time on the ball. Is Rodgers asking too much of him too soon?

Gerrard leaving: Could that have been a factor, end of era stuff? It was, last week at Anfield, in fact the same game was played last week and the same problems.

Should Rodgers have played Sterling instead of playing hardball? Surely his main intention is to get the best results, irrespective of politics; perhaps he thought he could've done both this week, but knowing how Stoke played earlier at ours, he can't have been naïve enough to think it was a dead rubber?

I really don't know. He wasn't the messiah last season and he's not the devil this season. For him is the argument we've been hocked and held back by losing Suarez and Sturridge's injuries. Against is the fact we knew this would happen. For him was the potential of Mario. Against him was er Mario. For him is the two semi finals and a miss by Lallana against Utd at home that he would've should've buried, these margins are tight, against him is the lack of tactical progression. That last accusation was aimed at Pellegrini after playing us and Barcelona, he still didn't change, is Rodgers as obstinate?

Either way, its been a shite season, and I think the best way I can sum it up is that not all of it is his fault, but some of it is. Is that bit enough to give him another season or get someone else in? I really don't know.

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