Round Table Liverpool 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Posted by Hinesy on February 11, 2015, 12:09:10 AM

Where to start. It was like a bloody cup game, kick and rush, with Phil Dowd clearly having taken too many Tangfastics before the event, with some bizarre, incorrect and/or unusual reffing decisions.

Spurs defended so high it seemed that we would be next on Big Sam's list of Long Ball criminals, well, at least we should've been. In the first half they were there for the taking I thought. Their 2nd goal came from Kane being offside, but their first was probably as frustrating for us as ours was for them.

The second half saw Spurs stop passing square balls badly and it seemed more even. But even then, the main battle was in midfield. We became two similar teams, defensively alarming, quick to attack and break and pressed well.

I was pleased with several things:
i) we stood up to the fabled Spurs' fitness/late game style well. We didn't fade either
ii) Sakho seems more and more settled.
iii) We didn't seem any different when Gerrard left the field, the team survives without him if not flourishes at times.
iv) Mario scored. Good lad.

Other points:
i) Henderson to think more. Too many times his pass or run or thoughts were the wrong one.
ii) It'd be good if there was slightly more movement off the ball, in the 2nd half as Spurs closed in, we tended to pass backwards and start again too many times.
iii) We missed Lucas but still won, and its now tight up top... smashing.

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