Spyin Kop - Burnley vs. Liverpool - Friday 26th December - 3:00pm

Posted by Titi Camara on December 18, 2014, 01:03:17 PM


1. One of the earliest mementoes I have from my childhood is a tiny LFC wristband in red, white and yellow which was given to me by a much older cousin during my first years on this earth. My family is full of reds (there's one Bluenose but we joke he's not really family), suffice to say I would have been disowned if I'd not made "the choice" to join the LFC family and pledge my support to our great club. So why is it Burnley for you and you to Burnley?

claretspice - Father supported them - give absolutely no choice in the matter.

the_quoon - My Dad.

spunkybackpack21 - Born and bred 10 minutes away from the ground. It had to be. (funnily enough, my dad is a Liverpool fan).

longside4evr - Back in the seventies we was up and down after a good decade in the sixties of being a very good team. I started my bond after winning the second division title in 73 I was at school and I used to saving my dinner money up so I could travel away.

distortiondave - Mi dad. When he stops going then I'll stop going.

wherewasi - Geography - having briefly lived in the town when I was young.

claretnels - Born in Burnley so support Burnley.

CasaDeClaret - Simple, family. Despite being born in Milton Keynes, where allegiances tend to favour only the big sides, I wanted to support the club my Dad my Granddad support. One thing that sticks out in my memory is that every year without fail my Grandma would buy me a home shirt for my birthday until she passed away, that kept me hooked, and I guess it's just gone from there.

2. Played 46 Won 26 (57%) Pts 93 (2.0 ppg) - Prompted to Premier League (2nd) - Makes impressive reading from the clarets! What are you memories and emotions from the season? Have they all faded away now you've reached the top table or will they live long in the memory?

claretspice - First time we've been promoted automatically since the year 2000, and the first time we've stormed a division since 1992 in the old fourth division. So for those of us below a certain age, this was a new and enjoyable experience to see us winning week in, week out. Steamrollering a very serviceable Charlton team to win 3-0 at the Valley just as the run-in gained momentum was one of the most blissful experiences I can imagine I'll have as a football fan.

the_quoon - Last season was less emotional than the last time we got promoted to the PL because this time the confidence we'd do it was there from February/March and we went up comfortably, with a bit of a swagger. Different animal to 2009 and 1992 but no less enjoyable.

spunkybackpack21 - Like the quoon, didn't quite have the amazing feel of the first time, mainly because we achieved it with such confidence, but still some great memories, not least beating them down the road.

longside4evr - This will go down in my archives as one of the clubs better achievements simply for the fact that we were tipped for relegation and no one gave use a hope in hell chance.

distortiondave - Completely nuking Nottingham Forest at home. That was probably the best football I've seen from a Burnley side since Arsenal at home last time in the Premier League. Promotion itself, as far as feelings or whatever are concerned wasn't as good as 2009.

wherewasi - A fantastic season. Highlights were few and far between because it was all highlights and done in such a professional and calm manner. Blackpool away, QPR at home and Derby away will all live in the memory among others. Whatever transpires this season won't tarnish or burnish last season's achievement.

claretnels - They'll live long in the memory, so many away wins provide the stand out memories, Blackburn being at the very top.

CasaDeClaret - So many great moment to choose from, but not hard for me to pick the best one. 9th of March 2014, away to Blackburn, I'm only 21 and had never seen us beat Blackburn, I was teased about it by my Mum's side of the family for years and had seen us come so achingly close to beating them many times, although at the time I said to myself I'd take promotion over beating them any day, I'm so glad we did. You know what it feels like to be the inferior side in a big Derby :P It's not nice, and finally turning the tide and tasting victory for the first time was sweet, it was actually pretty emotional.

3. With a net spend of £8m (approximated) you're owners can hardly be accused of extravagance buying the following players - George Boyd (Hull City, £3m), Lukas Jutkiewicz (Middlesbrough, £1.5m), Marvin Sordell (Bolton Wanderers, Undisclosed), Michael Kightly (Stoke City, Undisclosed), Stephen Ward (Wolves, Undisclosed), Matt Gilks (Blackpool), Steven Reid (West Bromwich Albion), Matt Taylor (West Ham United). Did they roll the dice enough? Were there any dice to roll? Were they just being pragmatic?

claretspice - I think the board and management would themselves accept misjudgements were made in the summer, and that we failed to do the business in midfield and attack that we should have done. Many will give the board credit for not getting carried away; others feel that mistakes of 5 years ago were repeated as we failed to adjust our instincts to what is 'standard' for a team with Premier League TV money.

the_quoon - Not many dice to roll. Everyone wanted more out of the transfer window, the club included, and the reasons why we didn't get more out of it have been debated at huge length on here and elsewhere.

spunkybackpack21 - I think we could and should have done better in the market in the summer. I think there were dice to roll, if fairly small ones, but we were too pragmatic and dallied a lot. Hopefully we're not left to rue that.

longside4evr - We were like fish out of water on negotiations and just did not buy into it with the size of our willing budget.

distortiondave - Procrastination saw us land none of our targets, so we should have bet the ranch. Or everything was too expensive and we don't want to end up like Portsmouth.

wherewasi - They got it right. All those dice have to be paid for.

claretnels - Not sure we had enough dice to roll after the Ross McCormack transfer left a marker for fees being asked for, for the rest of the summer.

CasaDeClaret - This is a strange one. I've every confidence that our board will always do what's best for the club and the fans, not for them. They want Premier League football, but keeping the club in the black and running if things really go tits up is even more important. I don't know much about the goings on this summer, but I'm perfectly happy with the way we went about our spending, considering how we've performed so far.

4. Sean Dyche, is he the man for the job, both short and long term?

claretspice - Yes, without hesitation. You won't find any dissenting voices on that one I don't think.

the_quoon - Yes.

spunkybackpack21 - Categorically, yes

longside4evr - Best manger in a long time in Dyche we trust.

distortiondave - Yes, unless he shaves his beard. Then I'd want him gone.

wherewasi - Yes - short term. No - long term, but only because he's clearly destined for a bigger challenge. I'd have him as long as he wants to be here.

claretnels - Short term yes and one can only hope long term too as well, as without doubt we'll soon start having to fend off vultures, all fingers crossed that we can.

CasaDeClaret - Yes, yes and yes. If we got relegated with less than 20 points on the board I would still want him as manager next season. The best manager I have seen at Burnley.

5. What are your club's aspirations?

claretspice - Survive in the Premier League this season and emulate the stickability of Swansea.

the_quoon - To play at as high a level as possible and win the odd thing.

spunkybackpack21 - Survival then build on it.

longside4evr - To hold our head above water in this league and see where it takes us.

distortiondave - Meh, same as mine every weekend - aim for a fit bird, settle for a porker, go home alone.

wherewasi - I have no idea. Constant membership of the top 2 divisions I'd guess with occasional forays into the top one; I'd think.

claretnels - Stay in the premier league.

CasaDeClaret - Has to be Premier League football. I've spent I think only 3 seasons so far supporting Burnley outside of the Championship. Once in Division Two (League One) and of course in the Premier League 5 years ago and right now. Sustaining this level of football has to be the next step and therefore our main goal. From there, who knows!

6. What were your aspirations for this season?

claretspice - Finish 17th

the_quoon - Staying up with a decent cup run.

spunkybackpack21 - Stay in the league.

longside4evr - To match clubs in our mini league and surprise a few others.

distortiondave - The porker.

wherewasi - To get it over with and move on.

claretnels - Give a good account of ourselves on the top table as you call it, whilst keeping the same squad together with improvements that will help our cause to kick on more next season.

CasaDeClaret - Survival, I think if we've any chance do to it and to establish ourselves as a Premier League club it's now with this manager and this squad. I think we can do it, we only have to be better than 3 teams, no?

7. How is the season matching up to your expectations so far?

claretspice - I'd have taken where we are now at the start of the season. I feared for us after the first two months but the turnaround since November started has been extraordinary.

the_quoon - Exactly.

spunkybackpack21 - Yes, very much so. Shown a great mentality to bounce back from disappointing performances. Would have snapped your hand off for this position at this stage of the season.

longside4evr - Probably where I would have expected us to be.

distortiondave - Bang on.

wherewasi - As expected, we are competitive in the bottom third of the division.

claretnels - Well, enjoying it, have had some great performances and have given a good account in most games with the exception of WBA.

CasaDeClaret - About right, I didn't think we'd be rock bottom and I didn't think we'd absolutely fly. We lack a goal scoring threat most of the time but have a solid defence. We're growing accustomed to this league and I think we'll get better. In and around relegation is what I expected though.

8. Who is your favourite ever clarets player?

claretspice - Glen Little. The jewel in a pretty modest crown when I was growing up.

the_quoon - Glen Little.

spunkybackpack21 - Robbie Blake.

longside4evr - Its between Stevens and James...

distortiondave - Robbie Blake.

wherewasi - Leighton James.

claretnels - Dean Marney outfield, Marlon Beresford in nets.

CasaDeClaret - Probably Robbie Blake, had a couple of lengthy spells at Burnley. A true fan favourite with real flair, scored some quite incredible goals in some incredible games. Got our first Premier League goal as well, and was in the words of Phil Bird, something very, very special.

9. What do you make of Liverpool's season so far, the players they have brought in and the job Rodgers is currently doing?

claretspice - Roughly what could be expected of a team in transition. Rodgers is overrated, including by himself, and that doesn't help matters, but your one of a long-line of clubs who have struggled to recapture past glories once the trophies have well and truly stopped flowing, and it'll take your own version of City's sheiks for you to compete to win the league again.

the_quoon - W@nk by last season's standards but you've lost your two best players so it's understandable. too many incoming won't have helped Rodgers but he's a good manager and should be given a lot of time yet.

spunkybackpack21 - Disappointing, and it appears you've fallen into the Spurs trap of selling your world class player and replacing him with pretty average players. You're better than your recent run, though, and still have dangerous players. Will be a hugely tough game for us.

longside4evr - Players always take time to bed in but think you probably bought and spent too much, and over zealously spent on Southampton and Balotelli, is a prime example saying that he will get an hat full Boxing Day now!

distortiondave - I have no real opinion. I liked you when you beat Leicester, disliked you when you got beat by Palace.

wherewasi - You're this season's Spurs; a once in a long-time opportunity squandered through poor recruitment. Rodgers looks a little lost now but that's partially because he re-set the bar of expectation. He's not a bad manager and dear knows who really buys those players at those prices.

claretnels - Having a nightmare, they could rightly of expected to become a regular fix in the top 4 again after last season but look a million miles off that, not been impressed with any signing, instead of lots of average I think they should of looked at directly replacing Suarez with a good chunk of the money on a proven goalscorer, could of done worse than hijacking Everton's deal for proven prem goalscorer in Lukaku.

CasaDeClaret - I thought you guys would find it more difficult this season with losing Luis Suarez and taking on the extra strain of Champion's League football. I thought your signings were a little underwhelming too and with all that considered I was putting you down as missing out on European football, just about. I like Brendan Rodgers though, I think he's still the right man to take Liverpool forward.

10. Have you ever been to Anfield and if so, what do you make of the atmosphere?

claretspice - Several times. It's OK. I'm sure much better than that on big European nights.

the_quoon - Went to uni in Liverpool so been a few times. It's hit and miss, same as any other ground.

spunkybackpack21 - Never been. From the telly, atmosphere can be good on European nights but poor in PL games.

longside4evr - Yes with Burnley every game we have played you since the seventies Never seen us win at Anfield.

distortiondave - A few times. When Candy was your sponsor I went with my dad to watch you beat Arsenal 2-0 in about 1991 or something. I was about 8 or 9 and met all the players after the game. The bendy legged goalkeeper and one of the ginger centre halves gave me signed pictures of themselves which my dad confiscated after I told him I might be turning into a Liverpool sympathiser. Then Burnley won the fourth division and I forgot who Liverpool were.

wherewasi - Yes - last time we were up. Very poor atmosphere. One of the worst in the league; you sang your song before kick-off and then went to sleep I think.

claretnels - Yes - atmosphere is not as good as it is made out to be, that being said you'd do well to find a very good home atmosphere on a regular basis anywhere these days, Palace possible the best these days but I wasn't overly impressed when we visited them.

CasaDeClaret - Haven't been personally so couldn't say.

11. If possible do you have a favourite ever Liverpool player, or maybe one you just love to hate?

claretspice - Always liked Henderson. Understated, but full of energy and doesn't give the ball away easily.

the_quoon - Robbie Fowler. Him and Mcmanaman bought me and my pal a bottle of stella each in the Jacaranda. quid a bottle. both wore double denim, Mcmanaman had a full length leather coat on.

spunkybackpack21 - Xabi Alonso was absolute class to watch. OR Sean Dundee ;D

longside4evr - Favourite was Dalglish even though he managed the Blackburn and won them the title at your place it was set up. Hated Jimmy Case, think he smashed one of our players and finished his career off.

distortiondave - The bendy legged goalkeeper.

wherewasi - Having grown up in the era you used to win everything, I never liked Liverpool as a team/club. Liked some individual players though; Ray Kennedy and Steve Heighway spring to mind.

claretnels - Djimi Traore.

CasaDeClaret - Probably Luis Suarez, as a person he came across as an absolute *@$"(&%, but he's one of those players I would do anything for to have at Burnley. Technically, awesome, a real pleasure to watch. EDIT: I forgot about Djimi Traore!

12. Scoreline prediction for boxing day.

claretspice - No idea, it's a cup-tie effectively.

the_quoon - 1-1

spunkybackpack21 - 3-1 Liverpool

longside4evr - 2-1 hope your one of the teams we can spring a surprise on!

distortiondave - Either 1-0 to us or 4-0 to you.

wherewasi - 1 - 1

claretnels - 2-1

CasaDeClaret - Heart says 1-0, head says 1-2

13. Finishing positions for both sides after 38 games.

claretspice - You - 5th. Us - 19th.

the_quoon - 17th for us, somewhere between 5th and 10th for you.

spunkybackpack21 - Liverpool 6th, Burnley 17th.

longside4evr - Us 16th You 9th.

distortiondave - 16th for us, 6th for you.

wherewasi - 7th & 19th.

claretnels - 16th Burnley 6th Liverpool.

CasaDeClaret - Burnley 16th, Liverpool 8th.


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