Round Table: Man Utd 3 v Liverpool 0

Posted by Corkboy on December 15, 2014, 10:39:39 PM

That was painful.

Picture yourself sitting in the pub after the corresponding fixture last season, smug and happy. We had dismissed them, almost as a matter of course, swatted them aside like flies. You are approached by an uncommonly handsome OP who leans down and whispers in your ear, wafting a masculine scent of tobacco and Irishness. "This game next year, you'll have no Suarez or Sturridge, Gerrard will be a year older and the defence will have gotten worse, not better. Your strikers will be so shit, the manager will have to start Sterling up front and he'll get chances too, only De Gea will save every single fucking one. Things will get so bad, Touré coming on will be cheered. And you will be tonked."

Naturally, I do not possess any time travel capabilities and you remained undisturbed back in your post win pub, still smug and happy while we in the present are pained and hopeless. Perhaps this was a necessary step. For long periods of the game, we were the better side and we created more than them. But for a rookie striker and a keeper on song, the result could have been very different and we looked a little more like our old selves, a little more imposing. On the other hand, we made Valencia look like Messi and let Mata score a header. Baby steps.

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