RAWK Advent Calender 2014 #8 Gerrard vs Fulham 2014

Posted by archie on December 7, 2014, 11:05:54 PM

Here we go lads, hope it is ok. Edit as you see fit.  :wave
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A Winterís Tale

We had a video in the house called 501 great goals. Iím not sure if I ever watched all 501 indeed I donít know if all of them were great. And seeing as they were all from before 1992 they probably donít matter anyway.
What always got on my goat was that there were penalties in there. 40 yard screamers, diving headers, wonderful team goals and penalties.
You have a free shot, yards out ďall the pressure is on the kickerĒ aye right. Itís their job! Decent penalty, great goal? Load of shit.

Itís either a routine win or a battle down at Craven Cottage from memory of recent seasons. Maxi Rodriguez running down the wing. A shit Danny Welbeck scoring a hat-trick. Mason. Friend.  Enough said.

Itís funny how youíre mind can play tricks. When I volunteered for this I was genuinely surprised to see the date of this fixture was 12th Feb . Really, I suppose all the last twelve league games just fell into a blur of goals and optimism and no little disbelief in many respects. Could we? Will we?
We never won anything last season. And many of our favourite goals evoke memories of great trophy triumphs. All to be celebrated, without a doubt, but last season will always go down as one of my favourites.
Not a regular match goer, so when I have the good fortune to get to see the mighty reds itís something that I cherish. For me, going to the game is so different in terms of emotions rather than watching it on telly. That collective euphoria or disappointment or seething rage is quite something more than screaming at your tv like a loon.

So it came to pass anyway, a season of defining moments this was one of them.
February it was, and reflecting on it properly I do remember freezing my nuts courtesy of a cheeky little breeze off the Thames at half time and simultaneously getting the roof of my mouth burned off by a some sort of meat pie (£9 probably, good times). 

My memories of that night can be summed up in 3 words: Kolo: belief; Stevie
Kolo had a bit of a horror show really. Calamitous own goal and general heart in mouth defending. Amidst it all, he stood there, arms outstretched with ĎIíve got thisí gestures.
When you know your team is playing well and progressing it gives you a strange sense of belief. Even though at times we were conspiring to lose this game I always thought weíd find a way.

Going forward, we were patient. Pressing and looking dangerous.
But the clock ticks down and the doubts begin to come.
Coutinho had a shot that just shaved the upright and youíre thinking is it going to be our day?
He made no mistake when presented with a similar chance later. Then it just becomes a battle. Tactics, formation? Who the fuck wants it more is the bottom line.

Sturridge (remember him?) goes down. Penalty!! And thatís always a weird one because people tend to celebrate it like a goal even though the ball isnít in the back of the net.
So there we all were, in the Putney end and the collective intake of breath was taken.
Right footed to the inside of the left hand post. Saveable height looking at it again but too much pace on it. I think it could have made it as 502. And the celebration of our captain after it. He knew, we all did.

A favourite goal. Itís all about the emotion, the occasion and the pressure. What followed makes it even better.  Iíve been looking at it again and again in the last few days, in the knowledge that I was in that crowd behind going ballistic.  The ĎWe are Liverpoolí for the next 5 mins was amazing to be a part of. Walking to the pub after with fans singing and fists pumping. There is nothing like it.

Some bright spark kicked it off on the round table when he got home:

Penalties? The celebration when they are awarded. Then that strange mix of hope and despair before they are taken. Then it's slotted home by our captain and we are 4 points off the top. Love it.

To be there to share in that joy at the end. The individual and collective belief that we are going to do something special.

Maybe we will, maybe we won't but it's great to be part of it.

And I love this to, sums it up:

It was magic mate, there was about 7 or 8 of us all piled into a mass man hug scrum and then we all fell on our arses, laughing our bollocks off, fists pumping and screaming 'it's on!! it's fucking on!!' The whole Putney end erupted, for a few brief seconds it was like the Kop against Chelsea in '05. Something big happened last night and everyone in the away end felt it.

Iíve loved thinking about it, writing about it and watching it again.

Merry Christmas ya miserable gits!

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