Round Table: Liverpool 1 Stoke 0

Posted by Corkboy on November 30, 2014, 11:30:14 PM

That was glorious, a great team performance all round and a much deserved three points.

Stoke could and should have taken at least a point.

Johnson was amazing, brilliant all round display and incredible bravery for his goal.

Johnson was better going forward but still wobbly in defence and if anyone thinks that getting a bit of a cut for £80 grand a week is bravery, they need their heads examined.

Classic management from Rodgers, he knew he could rely on Lucas and Touré to shore things up for him and we needed the security.

Rodgers discovers a couple of months after everyone else that Lovren is a bust and Gerrard's been found out at DM.

Lambert was brilliant, gave them all sorts of problems and deserved a goal for his efforts.

Lambert is static, too easy to defend against. Sure, he'll win the odd header on the balance of probabilities but he's a poor back up.

Sterling was superb, back to his scintillating best.

Hughes was right, Bojan was head and shoulders over every other player.

This gives us a great fillip to kick on from here. Most important result of the season, now we'll turn the corner.

Really? Stoke at home? We won by one fucking goal. Ask yourselves. What would have happened if we had lost?

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