Round Table Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

Posted by Hinesy on November 8, 2014, 02:41:58 PM

We're getting better, we lost this 2-0 last year...

How to buy a goal... Where do we start? The alarming consistent worry for me is the lack of quick movement from defence through midfield to attack. I know teams have learnt how to play us, I know we don't have Suarez dragging defenders away to cause movement, but there appears to be no understanding nor consistent planning in moving the ball quickly. We get stuck just out side of the half way line and if, as Chelsea did, teams press Skrtel and co at the back, the 'moving the ball from the back' ethos breaks down. Frustrating.

Chelsea, the same as ever. Quick on the break, ruthlessly classless and boring. But its been a while since we really tested any team, persistently and consistently.
What's the solution?
Annoyed of Anfield.

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