Round Table Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool CL Group Stage.

Posted by Hinesy on November 4, 2014, 09:36:55 PM

In some ways its like going to the docs expecting to be told you've got rabies but he tells you don't worry its only pneumonia. Still ill and still depressing but a lot less than you'd imagined.

What to make of Brendan's team selection eh?

What were the positives?

And the negatives?

For me, there was a zip and a naivety that seemed to say, we'll have a go. But actually we lacked class and finesse in the final third and that's what cost us. For me its about movement in front of the ball and either the rest of the team have forgotten how to do it because they left it to Luis and Sturridge, or we're too scared. Get that danger back and we'll be a lot better.

Borini and Can started well and with pace but both looked knackered well before they were subbed. Toure and Skrtel settled into the game very quickly and in some respects looked more solid, more traditional than Skrtel does with Lovren. We need to trust players to run into the spaces behind the ball and pass, perhaps more long ball, it works for Madrid, its not just Stoke so why not.

Finally for me it made perfect sense to play the team he did, and its not a case of what if, but bollocks.

Not great, another loss, hardly any attempts on goal, but at least its not rabies.

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