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Given the apparent boredom that comes from these international breaks I decided to use my time more productively than watching Ingurlund get tonked by San Marino.

I reached out to a QPR forum and despite being them bit reluctant to come forward and give their views at first, it has to be said they weren't a bad bunch and it proved a far more productive experience than my last Spyin' Kop lol

The full thread can be found here is any wants to read the to and fro's....

1. To say your last two seasons have been a roller coaster is somewhat of an understatement. Winning only 4 games all season combined with relegation in 12/13, flips to winning 50% of your games the following season and gaining promotion back to the premier league. Given you've seen both sides of the fence recently, is it more fun to be winning in the championship or be in the top tier?

FurtiveFox: Personally I'd say winning more in Championship but our football was awful in both divisions.
Hubble: The former. And we were bloody lucky to get promoted, which has turned out to be a poisoned chalice (IMHO).
Brian Wilson: Definitely more fun in the championship but we would go bust if we stayed there. The whole structure of the club would have to be changed if we want to settle for being a championship/league 1 club
Robsondinho: Obviously nice to be winning games, but the Premiership is where you want to see your team, although competing in the premiership would be a lot better.
ArthurQPR_NYC: very close one for me, but I'd say staying prem. for our club to make steady improvement off the pitch as well as on it, we need to be consistent premier league. attracting fans, in london, in england, and around the world. the elements that bring you steady improvement (even if it is slow improvement) come much faster with premier league revenues, attention, fans, etc. on the pitch right now we are ########, and some think that the solution for that is to never want the prem again, but the analogy I would paint is like watching a single mother work 2 jobs to send her kids to a better uni for a better future.. its a hard to look at now, but she needs to be where she is for future growth.

2. The team which gained promotion last year went through a major overhaul in the summer with well over a dozen players leaving and eight new faces coming in. We all know 'Arry loves a bargain but have any of the new faces proves to be value for money? Has he misjudged any of the departures and should you have hung onto one of two?

FurtiveFox: On new signings I'd say too early to say. A number of them have promise and main difference has been that mainly Rio aside they haven't been pensioners. Should have kept Danny Simpson. Got Isla in as a right wing back, back three was a disaster which has left us with no dedicated RB.
Hubble: Value for money? So far, nope. We shouldn't have let go of Routledge 3 seasons ago, but that's another story. I'm surprised he let that kid we signed off you, Robertson is it, go straight out on loan, and I wish he'd play Yun for once. A lot of people think he should'nt have let Danny Simpson go, but I think he was a pretty poor RB.
Brian Wilson: Really too early to say. Caulker has probably looked the best of the new recruits so far (not saying much though). Should have held on to Danny Simpson and if not I don't get why we sent Jack Robinson straight out on loan.
Robsondinho: New signings haven't impressed me yet.
ArthurQPR_NYC: IN - Yes and no, as always. Theres some very clear bad buys like Rio and Isla (so far). But some bright spots seem to be that Krancjar has worked hard to lose weight and run his socks off. Alex McCarthy looks one for the near future as well, just hope he plays.
 OUT - Remy gone is a blow but we knew that was coming. I reckon Gary O'Neill could still do a job here. I like Ravel as well but that didnt look like it was in the cards. On a personal note, I'm still not happy we sent on youngster Tommy Hitchcock. Looked one to finally come thru for us in a long while.

3. On the topic of transfers, you've spent around £50m net over the past two and a half years or around £10m per window. Not a great deal by modern standards but certainly not change you'll find down the back of the sofa either. What do you make of the owners backing of the manager in the transfer market?

FurtiveFox: Owners have backed the manager to the hilt and as I say difference this pre-season is that most have potentially good resale value.
Hubble: A total farking mess. The wrong players on astronomical wages, and an ongoing farce - for example: TF: 'I can tell you for certain, we're not going back to the mistakes of 2 seasons ago and buy Rio Ferdinand'. 2 weeks later, he buys Rio Ferdinand.
Brian Wilson: They have backed every manager 100%. Cant complain.
Robsondinho: Chairman is doing his bit giving the money, but the manager is spunking it on crap.
ArthurQPR_NYC: Tony's backed qpr whenever we needed to spend. Thats not the issue. Now what is? ... take your pick of the guesses

4. What were your aspirations going into this season and how are those aspirations matching up to the performances so far?

FurtiveFox: We have been dire so far. The players are unfit, demotivated and disorganized. With the players we had brought in had been hoping for around 15th. Unless we change quickly think we will struggle to stay up.
Hubble: To not get relegated. So far, it looks like we will get relegated.
Brian Wilson: Staying up. Not a good start.
Robsondinho: to compete between 11th and 15th - Not going to happen whilst Redknapp is in charge.
ArthurQPR_NYC: Aspiration pre season: 17th. Honestly, if I was a robot I'd say we are on track for 17th.
 But going home and away every week and seeing the attitude and work rate during the 90 mins, we are definitely on track for 19th (I still think Burnley are worse).

5. Simply put, is 'Arry the man to take you forward and will he be here come the final whistle, on the final day of the season?

FurtiveFox: No it has been a dire two years with him in charge save for Zamora's goal at Wembley which made us temporarily forget just how bad the we have been the rest of the time.
Hubble: A) No, B) I hope not, but Teflon 'Arry will probably still be here and who knows, maybe the old buffer will turn it around.
Brian Wilson: Probably not, I really hope so but the performances this season dont suggest that. On the other hand I dont want Pulis or some other manager who wont be a step up. Would rather stick with Harry than do that.
Robsondinho: No and hopefully not.
ArthurQPR_NYC: I've recently joined the Harry out camp, after going to upton park and seeing that dross. I was one of the very last on WATRB to support him I reckon. Now I really don't see him being the solution or the way forward.  I'd like to see someone else, but no one that I've heard Ive turned around and said.. Yup, 100%, he'll do a job. Eddie Howe comes closest, but seeing the disparity between quality in the championship and what it takes in the premier league.... the gulf is so wide idk if his sucess at Bournemouth would translate at premier league Loftus Rd.

6. What starting 11 do you expect to see against Liverpool and how will they be set up?

FurtiveFox: 4-4-2. Green, Onuha, Traore, Ferdinand, Caulker, Barton, Fer, Sandro, Krankie, Vargas, Austin.
Hubble: Can't be arsed.
Brian Wilson: 4-3-1-2 Green, Onouha Caulker Ferdinand Traore, Barton Sandro Fer, Kranjcar, Austin Zamora
Robsondinho: Redknapps mates playing.
ArthurQPR_NYC: what I expect to see, and what I'd want to see are 2 very different things: i expect to see Arry not change much , even with Sir Les in. I'd like to see: rio dropped, yun given a start or at least a sub on, never to see matty philips again, zamora to start.

7. Which players for your team do you think will cause us the most bother? Who should Liverpool supporters be looking out for on your team?

FurtiveFox: Austin is a good player but needs service, Vargas has looked promising but not had great deal of time. Krankie has surprised us and looked one of our better players. To be honest don't think you will have too much to worry about!
Hubble: For me, Charlie Austin - despite people slating him, I think he's done great so far, with little service. Give him the service, he will score.
Brian Wilson: eh, probably Charlie Austin, Zamora will cause ye some problems if he starts same goes for Hoillett
Robsondinho: If he plays Taarabt is the only player we have that can cause problems through sheer ability (If he plays well) The others will not cause no problems to a team like yours.
ArthurQPR_NYC: niko will do a job. if barton is fit hopefully he'll be back to his usual hardworking self. (maybe his everton blue roots will spur him to captain us to 3 points). a few others are hit and miss.

8. Are there any current Liverpool players that worry you?

FurtiveFox: Mostly the ones on the pitch! Seriously Liverpool haven't been great this season so potentially vulnerable to a surprise result on our part but unlikely.
Hubble: Balotelli worries me. What is going on in that man's head?
Brian Wilson: Sturridge if he plays plus Sterling.
Robsondinho: As a QPR fan, your whole squad. If I supported a top team 2 or 3.
ArthurQPR_NYC: all of them lol. sterling, sturridge if fit, balotelli, lallana, i mean ffs even henderson and gerrard. coutinho's faded a bit but on his day...not scared of lambert tho. he doesnt look a threat at the moment. touch wood.

9. Prediction for the match.

FurtiveFox: I predict much frustration and a stroll for away side. 2-0 to Liverpool.
Hubble: 2-2
Brian Wilson: 0-2
Robsondinho: Liverpool 4-0
ArthurQPR_NYC: 3-1 liverpool (Barton to score)

10. Predictions for both teams come end of the season.

FurtiveFox: If we keep 'Arry bottom. If we don't and get someone half decent would still hope to haul ourselves out and get around 15th. For Liverpool you lot have disappointed but do like way Rodgers sets up his sides. Is a season of transition after Jaws' departure but think you will maybe scrape fourth and hopefully go onto better things next season.
Hubble: Liverpool: 5th QPR: 20th
Brian Wilson: 5th - 19th
Robsondinho: 5th Liverpool - 20th QPR (at the moment)
ArthurQPR_NYC: Us 17th. You lot 6th

In reply to my own, the QPR guys posed a couple of questions. If we get some decent replies I'll take them back...

Bluehoop: It would be good to get your perspective on Jack Robinson. For example, do you think he will be good enough for the Conference as you may gather many here think that's where we are heading ?
nuffieldranger : Can we have Sterling back now?

And my own favourite reply...
West Acton: Titi were pony and heading for the relegation trap door without having even given it a go because Bagpuss face cant be arsed to coach the team during the week or get out his seat on match day to bollock the team. That's all you need to know. Were shit and will get shitter while he remains at the helm.

He seemed to catch the current vibe of the club pretty well :wave

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