Spyin' Kop Basel v Liverpool

Posted by DutchRed on October 1, 2014, 01:58:11 PM

See the results. Not the widest quantity of answers, still a decent return by a very hospitable fanbase.

My questions:

Jedenfalls, morgen werde ich die Antwörte in Englisch übersetzen und eine Link zum Artikel posten. Viel Glück morgen!

1. How did you react to your CL group draw, happy or not to play Real Madrid and Liverpool?

2. What can you tell us, newbies concerning Swiss football, about your team?

3. What are your opinions on your manager Paulo Sousa?

4. Do you know how you manager these good results in Europe? We'd like to thank you for dumping out Man Utd in 2011!

5. What is the way to go to reach the EL semi's and CL R16 in a small country?

6. The 3-3 draw in 2002 is listed on your website as your 'finest hour'. Any stories to tell about that night?

7. You currently don't top the Swiss league. Will you win it again?

8. Which XI do you think will start?

9. The first CL game didn't go to plan, do you still believe in qualification?

10. Would you have a favourite side in English football? Which one, and why?

11. What do you make of Liverpool?

12. We still remember Philipp Degen, though not for the right reasons. What do you make of him?

13. Maybe a bit late, but what should Reds definitely do when in Basel?

14. Finally, score predictions?

Answers here. Everyone even has the good grace to answer in English!


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