Round Table: West Ham 3 v Liverpool 1

Posted by Corkboy on September 21, 2014, 12:16:00 AM

O Rawkites, how my heart grows weary!

Not far from the old folks at home but far from where we should be. Played 5 Won 2 Lost 3. Tenth above a slew of clubs with a game in hand.

And to the latest instalment of "How we got where we are". Folks, we did not start brightly. Twice in the first five minutes, Lucas had to bail out Gerrard. We conceded a goal which must sure have had Fat Sam leaking baby batter in his too tight trousers, a wonder of Position Of Maximum Opportunity, two centre halves and a fucking hoof to the back stick. I got a little sick in my mouth. For their second, I still wonder about how the finish didn't actually matter because they had another bloke waiting under the cross/shot. We could have let in four, we were all over the shop.

Credit the manager, he acted and we went to a curious sort of back three which let in no more goals until the last minutes but by that point, West Ham had developed a practical streak. It was still quite alarming to see them burst at pace through an often vacant midfield but they were never under too much strain from us, no matter how many Southampton players we threw at them. A Villa'esque defensive performance.

To the Excuses! We have just got back to European glory, it was a big deal having a midweek CL game, teams always suffer after those ties. We have new players settling in, it's too much to expect at this early stage. The 'Ammers got lucky and held out for a win. We have an injury crisis. The Scots turned down Freedom.

Your OP is not a happy bunny. We're playing like a team that got found out, and the happy clappy feelings after the Spurs game are receding quickly.

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