Round Table: Liverpool 2 Ludgorets 1

Posted by Corkboy on September 16, 2014, 11:15:50 PM

Why are European nights special for Liverpool?

Drama. Fucking drama.

This was a plodding performance for pretty much the entire game, while our visitors were bold, skilful and very well drilled. They deserved a point, they could have had all three. It was a crushingly frustrating game for us, where we patiently tried and then failed, continually, successively, the gasps turning to groans and then sighs. The last ball, or sometimes the second last one, if that isn't too quantum, falling short or misdirected and easily cleared. I normally sweat during a game, even sitting on the couch but I didn't sweat for this. It was too....dull.

And then the game caught fire. Moreno got the same ball in the same place and I thought, this will end in naught, just like before but Balotelli muscled his way in front and for once, once in this grating game, the bobble went our way. A superb second touch and a deft finish and boom, there you go, Mario. Now, this is where the Liverpool FC European DNA gently insisted and cajoled the sequence of events. Not for us the drab and professional 1-0, oh no. We like some fucking drama with our football, don't we, and what better route than to allow the visitors another go. No, after you. Please, I insist. Allow our keeper to clear out of the way for you. Please let us criss cross our centre halves and let you score from your own half in three touches.

So just when we had snatched victory from the jaws of a draw, and then spurned it just as suddenly, up pops our unheralded right back to make life difficult for their keeper, resulting quite improbably in our captain reliably slotting home from the spot and regulating serotonin levels all over Rawk. Haunted, as we say in these parts but make no mistake. We purloined those three points.

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