Round Table: Liverpool 0 Aston Villa 1

Posted by Corkboy on September 13, 2014, 10:59:13 PM

Boys know what it's like, that kind of kick. The last moment when some bastard's foot makes contact full flush with your family jewels, and you rock back for a second with nothing more amiss than a sort of dull thud in your ears. Then the sick/pain radiating out from your battered bollocks to the entire lower body, the awful lifeless ache and the sure knowledge that this ache is for realsies and rubbing won't help. A kick square in the nuts, and on a day when some of our rivals dropped points.

I don't know, kids. We looked jittery at the start and conceded a really shitty, shitty goal, a piece of shit goal, a goal whose scorer should treat it like an ugly step child, a goal which prompted choruses of "they all count" all over the lands, with a little bit of vomit sifted in for good measure. Did I mention what a fucking crappy goal it was? Bobble head defending, a fortuitous bounce and a demented, gnarled poke from Agbonlahor.

From then on, it was a curious case of players behaving unlike themselves. Balotelli getting bullied by the Toblerone scoffer, Coutinho with a shit first touch, Cissokho looking nothing like the awkward and static presence he was for us. United reject Cleverley gave signs he might just challenge Jordan Henderson for a spot on Uncle Roy's midfield knee, and his fellow reject Richardson burning up Moreno while Lallana seemed to be channelling Lee Cattermole at times. Agbonlahor was a muscled bristling presence all game and Hutton was the player Spurs paid £9m for eight years ago, attacking and spiteful. Villa were very good, is what I'm getting at, and we weren't. I'm not complaining about Senderos' kick/trip on Mario because he got away with it so fair play. If you wouldn't mind Sakho doing it, shut up.

Upsides? Markovic looked good. Sterling made us more "vertical". We only let in one. What do you want from me?

Look, we gave a poxy early goal to a decent side in very good form and then they defended very well and we weren't good enough to knock them over. They deserved their three points and we deserved nothing. In terms of where we're going, all I'll say is to win the league, you can't have too many home losses, and there's one gone, and neither can you lose too many games overall, and we're on two in September. These portents do not auger well for us, Rawkites. The weather is still warm and we're already playing catch up.

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