Letter to Mario.

Posted by Hinesy on August 31, 2014, 09:43:23 AM

Dear Mario,
In this crazy world we live in, someone you've never heard of or will probably never meet, feels, as a Liverpool fan, that its ok to write to you on an internet page to say welcome. But here I am, and there you are, somewhere, preparing for the Spurs game today.

But I'm writing this with real meaning when I say welcome, because you are now at a club that is different, and a club where the fans genuinely care about their team. Now I'm quite sure every fan of any team would say that, but at Liverpool, you're not just a player, you a Liverpool player and that means you're part of our family. You are now one of us, and you are now family (you're welcome round for tea anytime mate).

Welcome to a bond with a set of fans that will not just sing your name, but look out for you, welcome to a ground where the feeling is different, a sense of history, family and warmth, of times shared and where the outside world and press are invited in but never truly part of it, welcome to a place, a sense of place, a culture that sets us apart from the rest of them.

I've read about your upbringing, it must be very odd to have your everyday shared with millions, your history available for analysis and comment by strangers, and then to be called 'crazy' by these people who haven't a clue. They are the crazy folk, they are the ones who think its ok to write about other people as if they are professional pyschologists, mind readers and judges of character. Not you.

Well, welcome to a club that sets apart from that world. Liverpool is a club that does it differently, where the emotions are heartfelt not invented, the flags are fabric not plastic and the noise deafeningly sincere.

Liverpool's great players have all been special, and different and gifted and marvellous to watch, and all of them acknowledge the club has a special place in their hearts. You are brilliant at your job, wonderful to watch, and you arriving here has made a lot of people excited. You have the gift of creating emotion in men's hearts, that's the real meaning of football, and I hope I speak for all Liverpool fans when I say, have the best time of your life here, have a great career and score lots of goals sure, but really, truly, have a great life whilst at our club.

In some ways, Mario, welcome home.

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