RAWK Round Table: LFC 2-1 Southampton

Posted by Hinesy on August 17, 2014, 04:03:12 PM

Well that was just like the good ol' days. But a wins a win against a bogey team for us and one of the very few to beat us at Anfield.
Initial thoughts:
I thought Lovren played very well immediately.
I thought there were gaps in front of the defence, frequently and we need to sew up those holes before better teams skip through as Southampton did.
To take three points on the first weekend is always a good sign, always.
We missed Luis, not for his goals as much for the psychological effect he created both in our players and the opposition's defences.
Hasn't Sterling come on even more than I expected?!
I didn't think we'd start and try and blow them away because I think we realise that other teams now realise that might happen and play accordingly. Either Koeman wants to set them up like that or it was a tactic deliberately chosen for the match today but Southampton were sat much much deeper and more compact than last season, and played like Chelsea & Newcastle did at the end of the year at ours.
Overall it reminded me of the Stoke game last season, we won where in other years we might have drawn or lost. That's a good thing.

How did you perceive the game and how does it fit into what you might have expected?

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